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Featured Article [1]: The Genius of America [2]

Why Wilbur Wright Deserves the Bulk of the Credit for the First Flight [3]

International Medicine [4]: Democratic Socialism in Venezuela [5]

“Make no mistake: Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro have shown the world the true colors of socialism—corruption, brutality, and failure—while my country men are dying in the streets.”

Government Medicine [6]: The American Welfare State [6]

In our wealthy society, the government officially treats an unprecedented portion of the population as “needy.”

Medical Myths [7] & Rumors: Background music helps me concentrate while I study [8]

Researchers from England and Sweden publish a study published in the journal Cognitive Psychology: They found those who listened to music while doing a task were less creative, compared to those who were in quiet conditions.

The Bookshelf [9]: The Revolution:  A Manifesto by Ron Paul, MD [10]

This Much Is True: The Government is expanding: Taxes are increasing:
Inflation is ballooning; Our basic freedoms are disappearing.

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