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By Del Meyer on 12/17/2019 2:50 AM

The Liberal Faculty and the Liberal Media Can’t allow Logic to be Expressed. Richard A Epstein, a distinguished professor of law at Chicago University, sets the theme with a scene from ABC’s “Nightline,” in a telecast originating at Chicago University as part of the university’s centennial celebration on February 6, 1992. The topic for this […]

By admin on 10/17/2019 8:32 AM

The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain EconomyThe Blockchain is the Internet of Money John Tammy’s review of Life After GOOGLE in RealClearMarkets, credits Guilder as a heroic thinker.  At the same time he views Life after Google a disappointment.  Although billed as a book that will among other things explain the coming […]

By admin on 09/17/2019 3:54 AM

In the prologue, Gilder examines that computing was still largely in the 2-D flat universe system. Everyone seemed to be comfortable in flat land and the parallax relationships of near and far objects, angles and edges. The math all jibed. “Three dimensions?” you might ask. “I have no need for that hypothesis.” Under Google’s guidance, […]

By admin on 09/02/2019 6:02 PM

A Cardiologist’s Encounters with Death and Living Proof of an Afterlife By Dr. Chauncey Crandall Dr. Crandall begins his story of being a hospital orderly since he was interested in going into medicine. He has a number of interesting experiences with various phases of working with patients. He particularly enjoyed talking to Karl, a tattooed […]

By admin on 08/06/2019 1:43 AM

Abusive Peer Review By Jeffrey Nordella, MD Prologue: March18, 2013 The day is crisp, the sky an uninterrupted blue against the scrub brush hills from Malibu Beach, Santa Rosa Valley is a throwback to a sleepier time in California history. Dotted with pumpkin farms, ranches, and gated custom homes, it’s the kind of place you […]

By Del Meyer on 06/21/2019 1:54 PM

By Steve Milloy—Founder and Publisher of  In Milloy’s own words from his introduction: Move over red, white, and blue—America is going green. Green energy. Green technology. Green homes. Green cars. Green jobs. Green commerce. Green living. Green government. Writing in 2008, we’ve just elected our first green president, Barack Obama, as well as numerous […]

By admin on 05/16/2019 9:28 PM

­­Story of a NOYO Fisherman By Jeanne Duncan We recently went on a vacation to Mendocino with my wife Linda’s brothers and their wives. It was a long time since her brother from Dexter, Michigan and the other from Tampa, Florida had both visited Linda in our home. Of course they were interested in the […]

By admin on 04/15/2019 11:49 PM

The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World, to That which is to Come This 1678 Christian allegory written by John Bunyan is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature. It has been translated into more than 200 languages and has never been out of print. It has also been cited as […]

By admin on 03/02/2019 5:34 AM | 5 CDs | Produced & Directed by Dave Giorgio for AudioBrite This Much Is True: The Government is expanding; Taxes are increasing; Inflation is ballooning; Our basic freedoms are disappearing By Ron Paul The Founding Fathers didn’t want any of this. In fact, they said so quite clearly in the Constitution of the […]

By admin on 02/19/2019 8:22 AM

     This month we bring you four excellent reviews of timely books very relevant to the practice of medicine. This is a premier monthly column in the JAPS which you should bookmark and read on a regular basis for your practice well-being.