Book Review

By Del Meyer on 10/25/2017 6:09 AM

Cheap grace is preaching forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession. … Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.” “The time is fulfilled for the German people of Hitler. It is because of Hitler that Christ, God the helper and redeemer, […]

By Del Meyer on 10/25/2017 4:33 AM

Women Vs. Feminists A populist movement—the antifeminist crusade of the mid-1970s—stymied a supposedly inevitable progressive victory. Sound familiar? Kay S. Hymowitz reviews “Divided We Stand” by Marjorie J. Spruill. WSJ | March 9, 2017 The scene may feel familiar: an out-of-touch Republican establishment, bitter debates over gender roles, an angry populist rebellion. In “Divided We […]

By Del Meyer on 05/30/2017 6:52 AM

by R.J. Rummel Democide: Mass Murder by Government The line, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you,” takes on new meaning after reading R.J. Rummel’s devastating Death By Government. This century, estimates the University of Hawaii political scientist, the State has killed almost 170 million people. Death by Government is a compelling study of […]

By Del Meyer on 05/30/2017 5:51 AM

Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Editor | Executive Vice President for International Programs | “Life is full of difficult choices. It requires courage to take responsibility for your own life and carve your own path. However, that’s also the best way to ensure a successful future and a prosperous, healthy society. If I were a […]

By Del Meyer on 05/30/2017 3:51 AM

By Julian Simon Fact and Fiction about Environment, Resources, and Population, 1999, Published Posthumously Most people in the US believe that our environment is getting dirtier, we are running out of natural resources, and population growth in the world is a burden and a threat. Why do the media report so much false bad news? […]

By Del Meyer on 03/06/2017 12:00 PM

“Introduction to Socialism,” What is the difference between socialism and communism? Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning. Socialism grows directly out of capitalism; it is the first form of the new society. Communism is a […]

By Del Meyer on 09/22/2016 5:43 AM

CURRENT BOOKS: From Madhouses to Modern Treatments Allan Bernstein, MD Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry, Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, Little, Brown, 352 pages (2015). As a history of a major medical specialty and a major public health problem, Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman’s Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry raises some disturbing questions. The field of psychiatry […]

By Del Meyer on 08/22/2016 5:45 AM

 Reviewed by Jeff Sugarman, MD Anyone who has worked in a research laboratory knows the frustration of failure. Experiments go awry for good reasons—such as poor experimental design and improper hypothesis—and for trivial ones, such as power outage, measurement error or improper permits. Researchers, be they graduate students or professors, also know the thrill of […]

By Del Meyer on 07/22/2016 5:46 AM

MacArthur at War by Walter R. Borneman, Little Brown, WSJ, July 2, 2026 SOME OF THE KEY BATTLES IN THE PACIFIC WERE WITHIN THE U.S. MILITARY—OVER SCARCE SUPPLIES AND STRATEGY. The Luckiest General by Robert Messenger WSJ Book Editor, July 1, 2016 ‘None of us knew then that this was the last war America would […]

By Del Meyer on 04/16/2016 5:48 AM

Notable & Quotable: Florence King From a 1995 Journal review of the book ‘The Inarticulate Society: Eloquence and Culture in America.’ From “Dan Rather and Other Enemies of Civilization” in the July 31, 1995, Journal, a review of Tom Shachtman’s book “The Inarticulate Society: Eloquence and Culture in America” by writer Florence King, who died […]