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Daughter of Oil Tycoon H.L. Hunt, Owned Luxury Hotels and Clung to Frugal Habits She led Bible study group and advised: ‘Never get emotionally attached to any one line of business’ By James R. Hagerty | WSJ | Nov. 23, 2018 Caroline Rose Hunt, who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars, overcame an advantaged upbringing […]

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Carlene Roberts Rose Into Management When Female Executives Were Nearly Unknown JOURNALISTS IN 1950S NOTED THE AIRLINE VICE PRESIDENT AS MUCH FOR LOOKS AS SKILLS; ‘A VERY HOT-LOOKING DISH’ By James R. Hagerty | WSJ | Nov. 9, 2018 When Carlene Roberts was named a vice president of American Airlines in 1951, newspapers treated her as […]

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Obituaries           Wanda Ferragamo, who expanded family shoe business into a fashion empire, dies at 96 Wanda Ferragamo, who took over her husband’s shoe-design and manufacturing business after his death and, with the help of her six children, expanded the company of Salvatore Ferragamo into a global fashion empire, died Oct. 19 at her home […]

By Del Meyer on 11/26/2018 4:28 AM

Monday’s New York Times obituary by Robert McFadden for American beer pioneer William Coors (of the brewing company that carries his name) violated the usual tasteful norms for an obit, starting with the headline and the text box: “William Coors, Ultraconservative Leader Of Brewery Based in Colorado, Dies at 102.” 

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Tributes have been paid to Sir Charles Kao, the scientist whose work in Essex “transformed the world”. Sir Charles, who won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics, died in Hong Kong on Sunday, aged 84. Sir Charles Kao received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from University College London in 2010 In the 1960s, he worked […]

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Senator John McCain‘s remarkable record of leadership embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service. The son and grandson of four-star admirals, he was raised in the navy and in a tradition of military service that began before the American Revolution. Senator McCain graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958, and served as a Naval aviator […]

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Iconoclast, Legendary CEO Marchionne Dies Wednesday, July 25, 2018, age 66 Posted on July 25, 2018 In 2009, in his first address to employees at Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne invoked the Zulu greeting “sawubona.” It means “I see you.” And the traditional response is “sikona,” or “I am here.” “The sequence of the exchange is important,” […]

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When Charles Krauthammer died last week, tributes poured in from colleagues and fans of every ideological persuasion. It’s hard to think of another contemporary commentator or journalist who inspired such widespread, bi-partisan, affectionate regard. What earned him this special place in the worlds of media and politics? First, Krauthammer’s columns unmistakably reflected his character—brilliant, reasonable, […]

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Tom Wolfe died on May 14th 2018   The unsparing chronicler of American society and mores was 88 AT SOME convenient point in any morning, Tom Wolfe would put on his working clothes. Over a silk shirt, maybe ultramarine, maybe striped, he knotted a silk tie. A proper Windsor knot! No plastic cheaters, like Marshal […]

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June 8, 1925 – April 17, 2018 Barbara Pierce was born to Marvin and Pauline Pierce in Flushing, Queens of New York City. Her father was president of the McCall Corporation, which published the well-known magazines McCall’s and Redbook. Growing up in an Episcopalian family in the bedroom community of Rye, New York, Bush was […]