Last Month’s Postings

By Del Meyer on 02/24/2020 8:37 PM

Featured Article: Climategate: Ten years later In the News: Kentucky allow women to see an ultrasound of their baby before it is killed International News: Perestroika Revealed Senator Edward Kennedy asked Khrushchev for help to control President Reagan Medicare and Gov’t News: Increasing Medicare Coverage only worsens the problem. Medical Gluttony: Cost of a CABG […]

By Del Meyer on 10/17/2019 8:41 AM

Featured Article:  How Government Programs Ruined Childhood        Childhood is being ruined and parents are the only ones who can save it. In the News:          How close did we come to having the red hammer and sickle for our flag?                                                 Obama Appointees in the Communist Orbit | By Karin McQuillan International News: […]

By Del Meyer on 03/19/2019 8:29 AM

Featured Article: What the Neo-Socialists in Congress don’t Understand about Poverty Success must be measured not by the amount of money we throw at poverty solutions, but by the number of people who are exiting poverty. Read more In the News: Democratic Socialists Used to Be Decent ‘This is not your grandfather’s democratic socialism,” a […]

By Del Meyer on 10/25/2017 5:08 AM

His message to America: Remember those things I said in the campaign? I meant them. I meant it all. Peggy Noonan | WSJ | Jan. 20, 2017 I was more moved than I expected. Then more startled. The old forms and traditions, the bands and bunting, endured. I thought, as I watched the inauguration: It continues. There […]