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A Common Ancestry; A New Way To Stop Smoking

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 6:21 AM 

If all the countries of Europe had a common ancestor only 1000 years ago, maybe we all had a common ancestor some 6,000 years ago?

Suppose their names were Adam and Eve?

Adam and Steve could never have produced such a family. You can’t reproduce hooking up to the rectum. You can’t even have a face to face meeting that way. One would throw his spine out of joint to try to get an approval from Medicare without a face-to-face meeting, wouldn’t he?

When God made Woman after creating all the other mammals, He greatly beautified creation by moving the mammary glands from the groin to the top of the chest. He also made marital union far more pleasant and exciting.

Can you imagine watching the Academy Awards with all those beautiful women with their gowns draped around breasts still in the groin?

Ella Mae Lopez in Sacramento was sentenced to 63 days in jail for slapping Deputy Matt Campoy as he excited the main jail in uniform at the end of his shift. Lopez kept blocking his path as Campoy tried to avoid her until she finally slapped him in the face. Lopez explained she was only trying to serve time in a smoke-free jail in order to quit smoking cold turkey.

Sixty-three days of not smoking is probably about the same success that smoking withdrawal clinics achieve.

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