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Are Gender Issues the same across the POND?

Sep 9

Written by: Del Meyer
09/09/2017 12:15 PM 

My girls are not girls, says leading private school head

Sian Griffiths, Education Editor | September 24 2017 | The Sunday Times

Coco Chanel once observed that “a girl should be two things — classy and fabulous”. Now a leading girls’ school has added a third: a girl should no longer be called a girl.

Sally-Anne Huang, head­mistress of the private James Allen’s Girls’ School in south ­London, said last week she had changed her vocabulary in recent years to try to avoid causing offence to teenagers querying their gender identity. 

She said: “I try not to say ‘girls’, [but] when you have been teaching for 20 years it is very hard not to say ‘girls’.” Instead, she tries to use the term “pupils” and the pronoun “they”— in place of “she”— to be sensitive to the feelings of transgender students.

Pupils are allowed to wear ­trousers, cut their hair short and be called by boys’ names.

Huang said all schools were now grappling with transgender issues and heads at boys’ schools had approached her for advice.

The Head’s Response: This Head’s comments have been quoted out of context and with a completely misleading headline. She has written a blog in response. The following words are lifted directly from her blog: “The heading attached to my name in The Sunday Times this morning is not helpful, and I never said the words attributed to me in it.”

Editor’s Comment: This sensationalism of a deviant component of society that includes less than 1 percent has caused much confusion in our culture.  Children who have not reached adulthood, should not be allowed by their parents to mutilate their bodies surgically or hormonally. Girls will remain genetic girls with their x-x chromosomes and boys will remain genetic boys with their X-Y chromosomes remaining. Penises are not cut off, but they shrivel to the size of a clitoris. A vagina will not be present for any normal sexual relationship. If a plastic surgeon builds a vagina, it will not have functional lubrication from skene glands or sensual response. The psychologic problems are severe as seen in my transgender patient and has been emphasized by the president of the American Pediatric Society.

As adults there need not be any restroom issues. My transgender patient, a woman who bore three children, and then decided to have her ovaries, uterus and vagina removed, her breast amputated would cause screams from the occupant of any women’s restroom. She has a beard, base voice, and not until I examined her did I know she was transgender. She was divorced from her former male husband has remarried to a genetic woman as a male, her bones on x-ray are female and her clitoris is about half the size of a penis. She can’t urinate through it—she still must sit on a commode in the men’s bathroom to empty her bladder since her urethra is behind her aluminum testicles which were attached behind her male clitoris. In the absence of a urethra traversing her female clitoris, she (he) is unable to use a men’s urinal. However, men’s restrooms do have enclosed stalls just like women’s restrooms and so the use of a men’s restroom is not an issue. For her to use a woman’s restroom would cause a serious problem. 

Original from GOD: Genesis 1:27: So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Man will be unable to create a new gender. There will always be only girls and boys!

My transgender patient carried a diagnosis of schizophrenia for half her (his) life.
Her (his) wife came in one day to announce that her husband was labeled bipolar rather than schizophrenic by a “new” psychiatrist.  She seemed so thrilled as if a burden had been removed.

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The severe and mutilating procedures are strictly elective surgeries and should not be covered by health insurance companies without medical necessity.

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