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Britons Are Warned That “No Drink Is Safe.”

Sep 22

Written by: Del Meyer
09/22/2016 2:12 AM 

‘No drink is safe’: health chiefs refuse to budge over stricter alcohol limits

Britons will still be warned that there is no such thing as safe drinking as the government shrugged off criticism of controversial alcohol guidance.

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, said: “We welcome the confirmation of the Chief Medical Officers’ new recommended drinking guidelines, following an extensive consultation period.

“The alcohol industry would like us to believe that the new guidelines are too strict, but strengthening evidence endorsed by independent medical experts, shows there is no “safe” level of drinking, only “low risk” drinking providing you stick within the limits.

“There is also no justification for recommending drinking on health grounds, as the risk of developing a range of illnesses increases with any amount of alcohol drunk. . .

“This lack of awareness is particularly worrying when we’re seeing sharp rises in hospital admissions related to alcohol, now around 1 million every year. . .

Officials stuck with a decision in January to say that men should drink no more than women, with both advised to stay below 14 units a week, but softened their language after a consultation.

This is roughly a bottle and a half of wine, which the guidance says should be spread over the week. Pregnant women are advised not to drink at all in the first review of the guidance in 20 years  . . .

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