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Canadian Medicare Isn’t Really Free

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 2:18 AM 

Canada’s health care system isn’t really free as there’s monthly premiums or yearly premiums to pay as well as taxes which pay for the entire health care system. There may also be some out of pocket expenses for non-insured services. In Canada there’s access to a waiting list for universal health care regardless of status, income, employment, health, or age. The administration of the heath care is done on a province to province basis.

Most non-emergency surgeries will require wait times. These wait times may put the patient at risk while they wait for a surgery or their condition may deteriorate as they wait. Those that need priority care make the wait times for others very frustrating. Seniors, those with life threatening conditions, and other urgent cases will be looked after first while others can sometimes wait a long time.

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Canadian Medicare does not give timely access to healthcare, it only gives access to a waiting list.

–Canadian Supreme Court Decision 2005 SCC 35, [2005] 1 S.C.R. 791

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