Medical Gluttony

By admin on 07/16/2019 8:18 PM

This unsavory complex has gotten so unwieldy and glutinous that it needs to be broken up from a disinterested party. There are now four components of the Healthcare Industry Complex. Why cannot the Medical Association, the Hospital Association, the Health Insurance Industry, or the Government Medicare/Medicaid Center reform Health Care in the United States? We […]

By admin on 05/15/2019 11:29 PM

Only Free Markets Will Save–And Strengthen–Healthcare Steve Forbes | Forbes Staff Policy “With all thy getting, get understanding.” This story appears in the August 31, 2018 issue of Forbes. THE ULTIMATE ANSWER for curing our mostly dysfunctional healthcare markets is to get the patient in control instead of third parties, which primarily are the government, large […]

By admin on 04/02/2019 5:13 AM

The Thirtieth Birthday to the World Wide Web! But your father is optimistic about your future  By Lisa Lacy | Adweek The World Wide Web, was first proposed by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. In a blog post commemorating the anniversary, Berners-Lee outlined some of the 30-year-old web’s biggest problems, including: Malicious intent, which he said […]

By admin on 03/19/2019 8:19 AM

If patients would avoid going to the emergency rooms for non-emergency conditions, we would reduce emergency room costs easily in half. When I worked in the Emergency Room during my internship at a busy 500 bed county hospital, there was a holding ward for men and boys and one for women and girls. Each of […]

By admin on 01/03/2019 1:42 AM

Governor Jerry Brown who is 80-years-old is finishing his second of two 8-year terms. His campaign fund is still flush with money which will allow him to continue to be active politically. He leaves the governor’s office on Jan 7, 2019 with a $14.8-billion surplus which he passes on to Democratic Governor-elect Gavin Newsom. This […]

By admin on 12/04/2018 3:55 AM

Excessive costs in health care are driven by multiple incentives. They may not be additive. Firstly, patients will always want more care believing that they have obtained better care in so doing. Patients are known to change doctors if they feel that not enough tests or procedures have been ordered. This is observed numerous times […]

By Del Meyer on 11/26/2018 3:36 AM

“If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.” ― P.J. O’Rourke Closing the Wealth Gap By P.J. O’Rourke The most important idea we are discussing is collectivism. I do not mean collectivism as it specifically applies to Chinese socialism. I mean collectivism as a general […]

By Del Meyer on 10/14/2018 1:41 PM

Horizontal health care brought competition back into medical care. Whether hospitals, labs, radiology, private practices, urgent care centers and surgical care centers, when all were competing on quality of care and competitive pricing, health care costs decreased. As hospitals merged, purchased physician practices, urgent care and surgical care centers, laboratories, and x-ray facilities, horizontal care […]

By Del Meyer on 09/14/2018 12:24 PM

When I went into practice I immediately noted that patients with total coverage with no deductible and no co-payments had a rather large appetite for laboratory tests, x-rays, and procedures. They also were more indulgent in obtaining sick benefits and disability benefits. I also noted that I was asked to write many excuses from work […]

By Del Meyer on 08/07/2018 8:39 AM

‘Medicare for All’ by the late Brian R. Riedl (1961—2017) who was a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute is very likely the best exposition of the extreme gluttonous result if Medicare for All is ever implemented. Not only would it be bankruptcy for the United States, it would also destroy the finest health care […]