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The communist in this country should conform to their world colors Throughout History the Communist/Fascists/Socialists were identified by RED flags.

May 5

Written by: Del Meyer
05/05/2020 9:14 PM 

I grew up in the day when all socialists were the red party which is the standard throughout the world. I think it was TIME magazine that didn’t like that stigma after the second world war and changed the socialists to BLUE. The research data isn’t all that clear. But then the Democrats are more skillful with subterfuge than the naïve Republicans. Having the socialists and outright communists in this country call themselves the BLUE States is very confusing to our generation. I hope President Trump has the hutzpah to get that corrected now that we have presidential candidates that are essentially communistic and some have been members of the communist party in the U.S., and really are the RED party. They don’t have to use the hammer and the sickle—just RED. It’s the Universal Designation of Communist and Socialists.

How about it President Trump? Why not leave a lasting legacy of real understanding?

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