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Comfort Care

May 30

Written by: Del Meyer
05/30/2018 1:05 AM 

Comfort care, in our clinical experience, simply means continue the present full regimen of medical and nursing care, sustenance, and pain relief but not institute new treatment or resuscitation programs such as CPR, Intubation, Ventilators, new feeding tubes, new pacemakers, or any emergency surgeries.

BP Accuracies

According to a recent Canadian study from the University of Alberta, home blood pressure monitors are 100 percent accurate only about 30 percent of the time.That’s not good, the researchers point out, because high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world.In the small but revealing study of 85 people with high blood pressure, researchers identified what causes the problems with the readings.Occasionally, it’s a person’s inability to run the device properly. It also can be the one-size-fits-all design; the same cuff is used for both men and women, but in the study men’s readings were more accurate. Arm shape and size can make the difference.Nonetheless, if you have high blood pressure, it’s important to keep track of how it’s doing.So how can you check the accuracy of your device?Bring your at-home monitor with you to your next doctor’s visit and check it against the doc’s machine.  If it’s 10 off, you can automatically make the correction every time you use it. My doctor uses the same OMRON monitor that I use at home.  So, they should be in sync.

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