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Jun 14

Written by: Del Meyer
06/14/2021 8:26 PM 


It was good to hear that you are a patriotic American. I appreciated your request for info on getting your second Covid shot. Dr Russel Blaylock answered just that question
in his journal last week concerning an 80 yo man in good health who had one corona shot as to whether he should risk the second shot. Dr.
Blaylock responded that he would not since his chance of contracting COVID and dying was less than 0.1 % and his chance of one of the
complications of a second shot was much greater.

People are acting irrationally and hysterically.
My shoulder was dislocated and fractured in the COVID hysteria at Sutter Hospital when the 800 Covid hysterical mob trampled over me while
crowding in line anxious to get their shot running from the corona virus before getting snatched by it and killed. While they nearly killed me.
Left me unconscious with a head injury, fractured and dislocated left
shoulder, facial lacerations, and double vision and incapacitated for life. I will never be able to raise my left arm to desk height without
help from my right hand. And Covid is half as virulent as the 1918 flu epidemic which killed one-third of the world. President Wilson never
alluded to the epidemic during his entire administration. And I need my
left hand to run a keyboard and work.

As I regained consciousness and looked around, I immediately flashed on the TV image of years ago during the Irish Mobs when a gentleman got out of his car to calm the mob. And when the mob dispersed, he was lying next to his car DEAD — having been trampled to death. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was still alive with excruciating pain and a left arm that I couldn’t move. Thankfully, someone saw me lying there
and called an ambulance that took me to Sutter ER and diagnosed a dislocated left arm with a comminuted fracture of the humeral head as
well as head and facial injuries.

I’ve attached a few articles on the Covid Hysteria including a few that I submitted which were not consistent with the current government with a
number of trained Marxist we now have in the Biden Administration. I understand that a trained Marxist is when push comes to shove, it’s our head that is lopped off.

Feel free to forward any of these or print them out and give it to people that need a freedom poke. I first give out the Great Barrington
Declaration by the world experts which points out that every thing that Dr. Fauci did was inappropriate, then my article on the Basics and then the Forbes article. Then if they look interested, I send or give them the 4
stages of Marxism.

I think we’re in the stage where Russia was in 1916 since Biden is a Cipher like Karensky was in Russia and then the Marxists moved in.
And the virus paved the way. Isn’t that what Khrushchev predicted that we would become communistic from within without requiring a revolution?

I was very sadden that the church of Martin Luther, who had a warrant out for anybody to kill him, caved to the hysterics.

Meanwhile Elon Musk kept his assembly line open, against our Governor’s mandate, working
less than 6 ft apart and he went from a start up to the worlds largest Auto company while our economy went into a tailspin and out church
suffered. We have a constitutional right to worship and our church was spineless. We have the perfect place to not only have a laminar flow
situation in our usual meeting area as in the safest operating suites.
But as usual we had no experts on the appropriate committee with any
corona or epidemiologic experience. We have two physicians in our church. Neither one was consulted.

We were like the six blind men of Indostan describing an elephant by touch and feel and each felt they were in the right when all were in the wrong.


/Joe Biden isn’t Vladimir Lenin. Biden is Alexander Kerensky, the Russian politician who served as the vessel for the revolutionaries to
overthrow the old guard in 1917 and then, once he had proven himself useful toward that end, was shuffled aside so the real power could
assume control. And as in Kerensky’s case, what comes after will bring the end of all that we know. The greatest freedom the world has ever
previously seen and may not see again until we emerge from the next dark age./

Thank you for your interest in patriotism. Let me know if you need more AMMO, Or stop in any time at my office a few blocks from yours. Sorry if this was too much.

Yours for Freedom. Spread the WORD before it’s too late. Be sure to read
what the 317 Retired Generals and Admirals tell our nation.

Keep in touch.


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