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Do we know what we should eat? By Mark Bittman and David L. Katz | WSJ | March 7, 2020

Mar 30

Written by: Del Meyer
03/30/2020 12:43 AM 

“How should I eat?” is a question that many Americans ask daily. Almost everyone seems confused, and no wonder: Splashy new diet theories appear all the time, often countering what we took to be true just yesterday.

“Diet” is a word that has been twisted to mean something that someone invents for the fastest possible weight loss. There’s always a new one to “go on” for short-term results. But what diet really means is how you get the nutrition you need throughout your life.

Before there was science, we all knew what to eat. And we all did it well remaining healthy and with a normal weight pattern.

Now with mass production and marketing of nutrient-poor foods, we’ve created a health crises. Diseases with names difficult to remember.

Diet Author Bittman and Dr Katz of  the Yale Griffin Prevention Research Center state in their new book state it appears that there is no best diet. Good diets can be low or high in fat or carbohydrates as long as they are made from wholesome foods and mostly plants. . .

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