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DO YOU REMEMBER? By K. Wills Sterling |

Aug 18

Written by: Del Meyer
08/18/2020 10:01 PM 

Remember 4 months ago? You went to work without the govt.’s permission. Your kids went to school, where they could socialize and learn and be free — without the govt.’s permission. They played Little League and soccer with other kids, and enjoyed the mental and physical health benefits of that — without the govt.’s permission. You went shopping or met friends at the bar without asking the govt.’s permission. You went to church without asking the govt.’s permission. You could swim, hike, work out, go to the beach, SING at the top of your lungs. Go anywhere and do anything (legal), without asking the govt.’s permission. You could smile across the counter at the clerk, shake hands with old and new friends, throw a party or a barbecue if you wanted to. You could hug your best friend who just lost his dad, or put your arms around that neighbor whose husband is dying and who needs some human comfort. You could hold hands with someone who was sick and pray for them. No social distancing necessary, and you weren’t required to wear a gag. 

Now you do only what the govt. says you are allowed to do. You don’t go to work – you might even have lost your job because of the govt. — and you can’t go to bars or a restaurant. Your kids are shut off from the socialization they desperately need for mental health, and they are not allowed to go to school or to play soccer or T ball. You willingly don the gag, which is a psychological tool they are using to make you shut up. You willingly maintain social distancing, which is a well-known CIA torture mechanism designed to break the will of the people, as well as a tool to limit citizens’ ability to organize. These are methods we have traditionally used only around those who are sick, but now the govt. is enforcing them 24/7, to make us suspicious of everyone around us, as if everyone is a potential enemy, someone who might harm us. They are even encouraging us to snitch on each other, as if this is North Korea. 

You even, irrationally, believe that it’s OK to protest but it’s not OK to go celebrate your nation’s birthday with your fellow citizens. You irrationally believe the rhetoric that the spike in cases is somehow not related to the thousands of protestors who stand shoulder to shoulder every day, for 12 or 14 hours, in densely populated cities in every state. No, no, it must instead be the 50 people gathered for 1 hour in church one day a week. And it never occurs to you, the discrepancy between what you are told and what you see right in front of you:  That the most locked-down population, the one that hasn’t even gone to the grocery store in the past 4 months, and who lives in an environment where everyone is masked … those people, in the nursing homes, are the ones at greatest risk of death, despite social distancing and masks and lockdowns. While the children who have 0% risk of death are being masked and locked down, too. This is an irrational policy … and yet you do nothing. You demand nothing of this govt. that is supposed to be working for YOU, not telling you what to do as if YOU work for IT. 

Why don’t you ask, “WHY?”

DO YOU SEE WHAT YOUR GOVT. HAS DONE TO YOU? They said it would be a month. Now it’s four months, with no end in sight. You’ve been well trained now, so you don’t even argue. Everyday studies and data are proving that the govt. is lying, and yet you sit there and do nothing. You believe the propaganda from the govt. and the media – which has become Pravda now, spouting what the govt. wants you to hear, instead of the scientists who are on the front lines, who are telling you that this isn’t as deadly as the media claims, that the masks don’t work, that we need to focus on protecting only certain populations, not locking down everyone. That herd immunity is our best hope, but all of our policies are preventing that. So why do you believe your lying govt.? Are you so afraid, are you so invested in fear and propaganda, that you are willing to trade all of your freedom so that you can sit alone in your house, without contact with others for the rest of your life? 

I guess the gags and the CIA torture tools have worked. Wow, that was fast. Americans laid down their freedoms – so priceless, so preciously bought with blood – without a whimper. 

This is no longer about a virus, not when they give you no data – for instance, how many of the new cases are asymptomatic? How many are mild? What are the actual age ranges of the new cases? Are they still counting positive antibody tests – which show that people have recovered from the illness – as if they are new cases, just to jack up the numbers? How accurate are the tests anyway? Where are the sensitivity and specificity data that we always have for other tests, such as strep throat? Given that thousands of past tests have been contaminated with the virus, are the new tests pure, or are they contaminated, too? Is anyone even checking? You already know that Medicare reimbursements for CV19 are several times higher than for flu or other similar illnesses – could there possibly be a money component to the higher numbers? You also know that for months they have wrongly counted deaths with CV19 as deaths from CV19, and in many cases they just assumed deaths were CV19 when there were no symptoms or a positive test result to prove it – something they have never done for any other illness in our history, and in fact it is anything but scientific to list mortality data that way. Does it occur to you that all of these things are designed to falsely increase the death numbers? Why would they need to do that? If the illness is really as deadly as they say, there would be no need to say, for example, that someone who is in hospice for leukemia actually died of CV19. And yet that is what they are doing. They’ve changed the rules, but only for this illness, not for anything else. They’re inflating the numbers to make you afraid. There’s no scientific reason to be handling it this way. So why are they doing it?

I’ll tell you why. This is about breaking your will to be free. This is about you being trained to do what the govt. says, and ONLY what the govt. says, and to stop demanding your First Amendment rights. They knew that you, being Americans, would want to do the right thing for everyone, because that’s our history. That’s our national mindset, no matter what some people think. They knew that you’d be willing to give up your freedom “for the sake of the public good,” because you would see it as the right thing. They took advantage of you and your good, open heart. You aren’t even aware that this is how Hitler, and Stalin, and Lenin, and Mao all began. For months they’ve trained you with the gag and the isolation, and now, while they keep you in your homes, they allow large lawless crowds to destroy your nation’s symbols and history, and demand that we do away with the citizen police force — THE VERY PEOPLE WHO WOULD PROTECT YOU FROM THIS. Folks, it’s all connected. Your nation is crumbling before your very eyes, and in your heart, you know it is, but you’ve been trained. You put on the gag and you stayed in your home and you did nothing. 

Do you realize that since Christ walked the earth 2000 years ago, every government before America consisted of a king or an emperor? It is not for no reason that King George III said, when Washington stepped down as president, that he was the greatest man of the age. Up to that moment, there had never been an elected president or a prime minister; only kings who ruled more or less at their pleasure, and who ruled for a lifetime. They controlled the army, and citizens had no arms and no power to change who ruled over them. 

America changed that. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin … they changed that. They put their lives and their fortunes on the line, risking everything they had, to build a new nation and a new form of government – and in doing so they forever altered the destiny of nations around the world by showing that the principles of self-determination and inalienable rights are the only path to justice and freedom.

If we are to keep America and its principles, we must save her now. NOW is the moment.  
Not November.  It will be too late then.

So REMEMBER. Remember the July 4th fireworks celebrations with patriotic music playing, at the ball field or the park near your house, where you gathered with people of all stripes singing “God Bless America,” and everyone holding their hands over their hearts when the national anthem was played. Remember the July 4th barbecues with your friends, flags planted in the grass and kids catching fireflies together, and sparklers fizzing in the dark. Remember your history, your heritage, and the men and women who have died to give you opportunity and freedom – to work, to go to school, to worship, and even to protest. This is the greatest country ever created, a country that has opened its hearts to people around the world like no other nation before it. A nation that has defended freedom wherever it needed to be defended, and arguably THE reason that Hitler failed in his quest for world domination. Hundreds of thousands of our men have spilled their blood to help people in other countries – people of all colors – to be free.  REMEMBER THAT.

Think back to 4 months ago and REMEMBER what it means to be free, what it was like to move about and congregate and do whatever you wanted to do, to run your business and go to school without the government’s permission.  Remember how that felt, and fight for it. Otherwise you will never be free again. 

Do you love America? THEN FIGHT FOR HER.

–  K. Wills Sterling

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We give our thanks to Gretchen Longmore of Atlanta for bringing this article and Mr Sterling to our attention and for Mr Sterling to give us approval to re-publish his timely OpEd.
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