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Fast Dismemberment with bone cutter while still alive

Nov 26

Written by: Del Meyer
11/26/2018 3:19 AM 

Report: Horrific Murder Took 7 Minutes as Details Emerge |
By Brian Freeman

Gory details of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder have emerged, as a Turkish source who has listened in full to an audio recording of Khashoggi’s last moments told Middle East Eye that it took him seven minutes to die.

The source said that Khashoggi was dragged from the consul-general’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and into his study next door, where his body was cut up on a table while he was still alive as horrific screams could be heard in the building until Khashoggi was injected with an unknown substance.

One of those on the hit squad was Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, the head of forensic evidence in the Saudi general security department. The Turkish source told Middle East Eye that it was Tubaigy who began to cut up Khashoggi’s body. 

Those who carried out the murder were part of a 15-man hit squad sent from Riyadh, according to Turkish media, and The New York Times reported that four members of that team were members of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s personal security detail.

The source said that as Tubaigy began doing this, he put on earphones and listened to music, advising other members of the squad to do the same.

A three-minute version of the tape was reportedly handed over to Turkish newspaper Sabah, but they have yet to release it.

“When I do this job, I listen to music. You should do [that] too,” Tubaigy was recorded as saying, the source told MEE.

Saudi officials have strongly denied any involvement in the disappearance of Khashoggi, who was last seen entering Istanbul’s Saudi consulate. The Khashoggi imposter seen escaping from the back of the consulate was obviously a poor disguise that everyone recognized as such.

Editor’s Note:

Having watch a video of the Muslims decapitating an American, it took 6-men: One on each extremity and one on the head to subdue the American until the Muslim with the saw went through his cervical spine when his body became limp. No anesthesia for any of the decapitations.

The Saudis were well prepared with 15-men in this uncivilized mission. No anesthesia while the Saudi with the bone cutter dismembered the arms, legs and head and had to wear ear phones with loud music to muffle Khashoggi’s screams.

The Saudis were equally well prepared with 19-men in the hijacking of 4-plane loads of passengers and 4-crews on 9/11/01 and making the aluminum tube a flying bomb into the world trade center with the killing all of them including themselves.

Meanwhile, there were videos of dancing in the streets of Saudi Arabia on this invasion of America!

Colin Powell exclaimed, we will bring these perpetrators to Justice.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer said this is war! Why can’t we declare it?
What if President Roosevelt would have pledged after Pearl Harbor, to bring the commander of Japanese naval aviation to justice. He pledged to bring Japan to its knees.

Why can’t the leftist admit there is such a thing as evil in the world?

Peggy Noonan has said, that the only solution is to vote all the leftist out of office.”

Are we able to accomplish that this month?


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Democratic Socialists such as Bernie Saunders, by placing Democratic before their Socialism,
will hoodwink and destroy the nation unless we vote them out of office.

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