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Federal Rules On Medical Practice Can’t Be Serious?

Aug 22

Written by: Del Meyer
08/22/2016 3:37 AM 

When Hillary Clinton stated in her address to a women’s group in April 2015, that deep seated religious beliefs have to be changed, this was not a hollow comment. Churches have already had meetings on how to handle prosecutions for not performing gay marriage; how to handle prosecutions for not supporting abortions including planned parenthood; how to handle their insurance companies to handle who pay for birth control medications. Businesses have had meetings on how to avoid supporting homosexual marriages; the list keeps growing every year.

In Europe and Scandinavia, the churches and businesses continue to have choice. But not in the United States. Lawsuites have been filed when a bakery declines to provide a wedding cakes for a homosexual marriage. There seems to be a coercion in America to prosecute churches and businesses for following their consciences and religious convictions.

Hillary has already warned us that if she’s elected, we will have to change our religious beliefs. We have a crises in America. Nonprofit religious organizations realize this is not an idle threat. Many are jeopardizing their religious or nonprofit status by operating in the forbidden partisan manner and asking us not to support her. They realize that if Hillary is elected, religious freedom in America will cease to exist and they may cease to be. If America is taken over by the Socialists or the Socialists Democrats, or whatever name they choose this year, we will be ruled by an economic scheme that has been a failure in all other civilizations. The Freedom we have established over these two centuries will cease and will be replaced by the tyranny from which our forefathers escaped. Will it take another millennium or two before another American experiment can or will reoccur? The occurrence of trust in the goodness of man, trust in God, and trust in Country was a very unique event in human history. Why don’t we keep it for a third century to give our children a chance to enjoy it also.

Why take a chance. Be sure to vote for freedom in November. After that it will be too late. Too late for decades, or centuries, or millennia. Too late for the entire world. Too late for you and me. Too late for our children and grandchildren!

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