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From Bishop Jackson on Character Assassination of Bret Kavanaugh

Oct 14

Written by: Del Meyer
10/14/2018 1:35 PM 

*From:*Bishop E.W. Jackson []
*Sent:* Friday, September 28, 2018 1:18 PM
*Subject:* Stop Fake News STAND for Truth Project

Dear Patriots,

If you witnessed yesterday’s historic hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, you must be as angry as I am that a man who has lived an impeccable life could have his reputation
besmirched by one accuser claiming to have been assaulted by him in high school.

I watched the hearings from beginning to end. It is clear to me from forty years of ministry that Christine Blasey Ford is an emotionally damaged woman, but I do not believe that has anything to do with Brett

Men who assault women never do it only once. It is a pattern of behavior rooted in deep mental and emotional problems which do not go away. There is no credible evidence of a pattern of such behavior on
Judge Kavanaugh’s part. Dr. Ford has no corroborating witnesses or evidence of any kind. To the contrary, many woman commend Kavanaugh’s behavior as exemplary. The witnesses Dr. Ford claims were present when the alleged incident occurred, say it never happened and they have no
idea what she is talking about. 

People who are emotionally damaged are easily manipulated. With a little assistance, they can create facts in their own minds which are disconnected from reality. That I think is what happened here. Dr.
Ford is the latest victim of liberal politicians hellbent on creating and manipulating victims for crass political gain.

The left has crossed the Rubicon. Their obsession with character assassination and the destruction of people with whom they disagree is worthy of the most despicable totalitarian parties in history –
communists, socialists and fascists. The mark of these ideologies is that victory over one’s political adversaries must be achieved by any means necessary; the ends justify the means. This is the politics of
evil. It commends grossly immoral actions as long as they lead to the desired outcome. *Lying and bearing false witness are not sins to these fanatics. They are virtues. *

*That is why we are launching the “STAND for Truth Project.” *The mainstream media are no longer publishers of newsworthy information.
They have now become propagandists for the left, spreading falsehoods that are not worthy to be called news. Your donation today will help us fight back.

*The media spread uncorroborated allegations about Judge Kavanaugh as if they were proven facts. They repeated the accusations as if they were true, but witnesses named by the accuser said these things never
happened. Yet the press smeared a man who has spent decades in faithful service to our country with never a hint of scandal. *_If this is how the press behaves, none of us is safe from character
assassination. *

*Then when the Judge defended himself yesterday at the hearings, the mainstream media said that he was “unhinged, angry, belligerent and partisan.” *The man’s reputation has been forever smeared, and the
mainstream media interpreted his forceful defense of himself and his family as proof that he is not worthy of the Supreme Court. *They showed again that they are indeed “enemies of the people.”

*The STAND For Truth Project has been started to push back against a dishonest and corrupt press.

* We are going to research and expose bias in the local media.
* We are setting up meetings with editors and journalists to demand that they clean up their act and report facts and information and give both sides of a story instead of giving the liberal perspective and calling it objective.
* We are going to lead boycotts against advertisers who support biased media. We will urge them to withdraw   their advertising or face a boycott.
* We are going to run billboards for STAND for Truth to make voters aware of the fact that the media are lying to    them.
* We are launching STAND for Truth as a project which can be replicated in states and congressional districts around the country.
* As of today, we are launching “*Forty Days of Prayer To Save America.”
*We are going to host a weekly conference call to pray for our country and the election on November 6.
Please join us starting this Monday, October 1 to Monday November 5.

*Forty Days of Prayer To Save America *

*Every Monday – 6 PM ET*

*Tel: 605-472-5386*

*Code: 857142#*

We are not going to sit by and allow the media to lie, slander, propagandize and overthrow a legitimately elected President. *_ We are going to STAND For Truth, and against fake news. *

Please join us. We need your participation as a volunteer. Contact my Project Assistant Guy Harper at or call him at (804)938-8413

Also, your contribution today will help us put up billboards and run social media.


The more resources we have, the more we can do. The messages will be
powerful and to the point. If you have any suggestions, please let us know right away. Time is short.

*We have only 40 days to save America from the socialist cabal which seeks to take over Congress and would definitely impeach the President. That would precipitate the most dangerous internal crisis
since the Civil War. It cannot be allowed to happen. *

When the chips are down, Americans step up. That is why we will win.
Thanks for your love for our country and willingness to STAND up and put your time, talent and treasure on the line. God bless you and may He continue to bless and protect the United States of America.

For God & Country,
E.W. Jackson Sr.

STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny)

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