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How to Decode Body Language

Mar 9

Written by: Del Meyer
03/09/2018 2:31 PM 

Your Body Speaks So Loudly, I Can’t Hear What You Say.

Learn to Instantly Unlock the Secret Code Behind the Mystery of Body Language…

  • Are They Lying?
  • Do They Hate You?
  • Is She Falling in Love?
  • Is He Ready to Cut a Deal?

You’ll Know Before They Ever Say a Word …

The man sitting behind the desk was cool and relaxed and had an air of confidence.

The fact was, he was low on the list of suspects in the murder case I was working on. He had a good alibi and only a loose connection to the victim.

Still, from more than 25 years of dealing with the most ruthless and heartless criminals in the world, I know that looks can be deceiving.

I decided to pursue one more line of questions …

“Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about the murder weapon?” I asked.

“No. Go ahead” was his cool reply.

The murder weapon was my ace in the hole. Only I, a few of the other detectives, and the murderer knew what the weapon was. Fortunately, we had been able to prevent that information from leaking to the media.

“If you did kill her, would you use a knife?”


“Would you use a gun?”

“No.” Eyes steady, face calm.

“Would you use an ice pick?”

“No.” But for a second his eyes fluttered, his lips tightened almost imperceptibly, and he looked down for a split second.

That word – “ice pick” – clearly had a different weight for this man than the other weapons I had mentioned. I held my face steady and continued with a few more questions as if I hadn’t noticed … but in fact, I had noticed.

Why? Because an ice pick was the murder weapon and this man had just moved from the bottom of my suspect list to the number one position.

And, as it turned out, he was the murderer, and the case was solved by the fluttering of his eyes.

Unlock the Mysteries of Your World

Every day in your world, there are mysteries all around you. They are hidden in the body language of people you come in contact with.

But, like most folks, you’re probably running through life so fast, you don’t stop and observe what’s really going on.

Well, you’re not alone.

Very few people even think twice about nonverbal body signals that appear everywhere … much less even notice them.

But what if you could learn to unlock some of these mysterious nonverbal behaviors?

How Much of Life Are You Missing Out On?

Estimates range as high as 80%. That means that 8 out of every 10 “conversations” are never spoken… or 80 out of 100 … or 800 out of 1,000.

But before we get into all that you’re missing … and what you can do about it …

Let me introduce myself. My name is Joe Navarro.

For 25 years, I worked for the FBI in counterintelligence and counterterrorism. Observing and interpreting nonverbal behavior was my life.

The benefits in interrogation were staggering. And along the way, I learned how to enrich my life even more by applying these powerful nonverbal keys to everyday encounters.

And now I’m giving you the keys to unlock the mysteries in your world. With those keys, you can take your life to a whole new level …

Obtain the entire program at

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