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I have insurance; therefore, I can afford to get my maximum benefits

Feb 19

Written by: Del Meyer
02/19/2019 8:20 AM 

Insurance companies are not able to print money. Therefore, the money they use to pay your health care cost must first be taken away from you including their profit margin for their shareholders.

So any time one hears that they can obtain unnecessary care because they have insurance and it is free, be sure to explain the real costs and the source of the money the insurance companies use to provide unnecessary care.

Problems can best be solved in a “one-on-one” education basis, rather than by government fiat to all 300 million Americans as in Medicare-for-all as proposed by the Radical Left.

Medical Myths originate when someone else pays the medical bills.

Myths disappear when Patients pay Appropriate Deductibles and Co-payments on Every Service.

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