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Is this really that earth shattering?

Mar 6

Written by: Del Meyer
03/06/2017 9:08 AM 

This was hyped by a British newspaper. Is this really that earth shattering?  The brilliant results came via a poll by YouGov Omnibus:

Men are FOUR times more likely than women to want sex on the first date
a survey has unsurprisingly found.

By Shaun Wooller, 29th March 2017

More than one in four blokes (28 per cent) would sleep with someone the first time they meet. But just one in 14 lasses (7 per cent) would do the same.

‘Men are happy to jump in to bed with any woman that shows the slightest interest and see it as a conquest, while women were often more reserved, said one expert.

Psychology Today had an article in the current issue on a study: “Femme Fatale: Sexy Women Sway Men to Do Bad Things.” Research shows that Men lose their Moral Turpitude after exposure to images of sexy women. This has formed the plot of a number of novels recently. A seductive woman driving a man to the point of no return can even more likely cause him to lose his moral behavior? When the seductive woman then calmly says she wishes not to proceed, will this prevent the completion of the sex act? The seductive woman knows that he can no longer interrupt his conquest, but it will give it a new designation: RAPE.  DNA has given a new twist to this normal action of testosterone which may be extremely difficult to terminate. 

The feminists have sought to protect their gender by defining rape as non-consensual sexual intercourse which she can implement any time prior to consummation. But everyone knows that a woman can easily turn a man “ON” and within a few moments can drive the man to the point of no return.  So, by saying “NO” any time before consummation, after driving her man past the point of no return, means the sex act WILL BE consummated. It is now termed “FORCE RAPE.” By collecting a small amount of DNA material, the woman has a good chance of winning a rape charge in court. And her would be lover has an equally good chance of landing in Prison.

So, is this a new emphasis for men to follow the mosaic code?

Our Creator said, “Male and female, he created them. They shall be one flesh. This is a creative union. Be fruitful and multiply.” So, we are all the product of sexual activity.  And sexual activity is a potent desire of the male of many species. If one reads Wolfe’s description of a stallion “in heat,” he has reached his “point of no return.” There is little that the owner or the mare can do to dissuade him.

The feminists have worked long and hard to eliminate this drive of aggression. When I was at the University during my Fellowship, there was a push to change this by giving their boy children dolls and their girl children tractors and trucks. I have not seen any studies whether this has precipitated any transgender treatment. There was also a push to force boys to sit down while they urinated. Some feminist felt this might make the boys less aggressive and more like girls. I think this also fizzled out. But maybe we have seen the long-term results of this. Will the boys who were forced to behave like girls get the feeling that they are really girls in a boy’s body? I don’t think we must wait for the research studies on this to know. In fact, we may even be more confused if this is left to research.

Say goodbye to good psychology and scientific research.

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