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Sep 2

Written by: Del Meyer
09/02/2019 6:19 PM 

Last month’s Postings

Featured Article: Dramatically High Rate of Knee Arthroscopies

In the News: How can dead heroes offend the living?

International Medicine: Why wait until a patient is dead before harvesting his organs?

Medicare: The Moral Fabric  by Nicholas Eberstadt
American Exceptionalism and the Entitlement State (Part IV continued from April, May, June)

Asking for, and accepting, purportedly need-based government welfare benefits has become a fact of life for a significant and still growing minority of our population:

Medical Gluttony: Medical Tragedy

Medical Myths & Rumors:  Zuckerberg Backs Privacy Measure

Overheard in the Medical Staff Lounge: Why is gender transformation such an issue?

Voices of Medicine:  Why Do We Need a ‘Right to Try’ Bill in America?

The Bookshelf: Denied Abusive Peer Review attempts to destroy a physician and send him to the National Data bank, without “due process,” with his medical license removed as he enters the TOMB.

Hippocrates & His Kin: The Age of Majority Why is it legal for a doctor to kill a baby at birth, but when a pregnant woman is killed, it is considered a double murder?

In Memoriam: Franco Zeffirelli, the director of spectacular operas, plays and films

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