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Lawmakers can make any crime legal—even prenatal killing

Aug 10

Written by: Del Meyer
08/10/2017 12:00 PM 

This abortion movement was able to persist for such a long time, because it was so insidious. But as fetuses, in their sixth month and longer were destroyed, more people took note. When partial birth abortion was introduced, it involved poking a suction apparatus through the skull during the early phase of birth. The obstetrician would suck the brain into the same receptacle that other body fluids, pus, and debris were sucked into, it became revolting to many physicians, nurses, and the public at large.  

To see the brain of the baby (see below) suctioned out and the extremities and other body parts harvested, is grotesque, immoral and more like murder, than the slow progression of prenatal killing which euphemistically has been abortion. It is not nearly as aseptic as other surgical procedures. As physicians who have taken the Hippocratic Oath which states in part that we will not give a woman an instrument to cause an abortion, we should be at the forefront to label the procedure for what it really is. Isn’t it more like prenatal murder?

We’re not like the woodsman from Appalachia trying to figure out what causes pregnancy. We know exactly what causes pregnancy and how to prevent it, Termination should be prevented as well.


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