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Life is unfair

Jun 21

Written by: Del Meyer
06/21/2019 1:59 PM 

In response to 21-year-old FT intern Niamh Ní Hoireabhaird’s moving op-ed on the difficulty of navigating life as a disabled person, commenter Frag shared some personal advice:

I have been on a wheelchair for 25 years now (I am 55) and I would suggest to you the following:

              1. Being able to do 50% of everything is a vast improvement to none. 

              2. Life is unfair 

              3. Never give up 

              4. Life is unfair 

              5. You will perhaps accomplish less. The alternative is to accomplish nothing 

              6. Life is unfair 

              7. Celebrate your accomplishments, you have fought hard to achieve them 

              8. Life is unfair 

              9. Plan ahead and plan ahead and plan ahead. the alternative is far worse 

              10. Life is unfair 

              11. Life is wonderful no matter what. Concentrate on what you can do and can achieve.

Skip the rest, as if they don’t exist

You are not a common person,

You are a very special person with the courage to live life and enjoy it as much as you can.

You can certainly do it!

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