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Medicare-for-all will give everybody healthcare “Medicare-for-all will give everyone healthcare” is a total illusion.

Feb 24

Written by: Del Meyer
02/24/2020 7:59 PM 

“Medicare-for-all will give everyone healthcare” is a total illusion. Socialized medicine is the prevalent form of healthcare in the majority of countries throughout the world. In no country has it given as full a coverage as the United States. Mandates are the opposite of freedom and they never succeed. Where they fail is not apparent to the uniformed or the medical illiterate. Mandates cover more than can be provided.

Colleagues in Korea at an international meeting stated they see patients every five minutes with a scribe signing notes, lab work, procedure reports, x-ray reports so quickly that they feel they don’t really give quality care. There is no personal doctor patient relationship. At the end of the day having seen 12 patients an hour, they hardly remember any of 100 plus names, or even the specific medical conditions they treated in the previous 8 hours. On a return medical visit, they seldom realize that they may have seen this patient previously.  They feel as if their training is not being appreciated. They frequently feel no professional satisfaction to being a physician. One said he’d feel greater satisfaction working in an assembly line putting an automobile together than in the assembly line of a clinic.

In Canada, with a prolonged wait for care and especially surgical procedures and consults, law suit, which took more than a year for the legal profession to rule, but they eventually had no choice but to admit that Canadians do not have access to medical care—they only had access to a waiting list.

When faced with tight budgets, European health officials resort to a deliberate, if callous, policy of using price controls as a way to control their health care budgets. Prescription drugs, in other words, have become a tool of budget policy rather than health policy. That seems to be an inevitable result once government gets in the business of healthcare price controls. History suggests that American healthcare policy advocates often ignore such warning signs at their peril.

In the United States, the original Medicare plan of 1965 promised to avoid setting any fees schedules or prices on physicians. But as the American Enterprise Institute’s John Calfee pointed out in a monograph, the free market system for Medicare didn’t last long. An initial effort to limit physician reimbursements to the rate of inflation gradually became a complex schedule of fees. Today, the reimbursement system for Medicare is monolithic and contentious, with a pricing scheme that controls and limits the health care seniors receive. Government bureaucrats in Washington manipulate this system to “socially engineer” health services by revising or adding to the 110,000 pages of regulation that govern the program. Today’s, seniors ‑ and the millions of Americans about to join their ranks ‑ should be especially wary of policy proposals that almost certainly will deny them swift access to life‑saving and life‑enhancing medicines.

Some of the candidates for U.S. Presidency. Are openly Socialistic, some are Marxist and are hoodwinking the American people.

After the Second World War, the democrats were the red party since they were so close to the various parties around the world which are socialist and considered Red. The Democrats understood that this may not be in their interest. It was Time Magazine, as I recall, that changed the designation of the democratic socialist from Red to Blue. The Republicans didn’t understand the sly manipulation that was going on and blindly accepted the change in color from Blue to Red. Research on this is somewhat unclear. My father’s understanding which he explained to his family is more likely than not true.

We need to change the color of the Republican party to Purple which has a lot of blue in it for a transition to the world’s designation of Red for socialists and their ilk. The Democratic candidates do not hide their socialistic and Marxists leanings. In Eastern Europe, it is now understood that Socialists and Communists are interchangeable terms.

It is time for the democratic-socialists to accept that their true color is red in conformity with the prevailing designation of their form of government throughout the world.

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