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May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 3:53 AM 

In its quest to become the epitome of scientific discipline, the medical profession has lost sight of its

original goal—that is, to relieve suffering. Today, with our obsession with the “scientific method,” we have deviated far from that goal.

That is why the medical elite have coined the term “evidence-based medicine,” to emphasize that the new medicine is based solely on science. In the past, great doctors such as William Osler, call the “Father of Modern Medicine,” recognized that medicine should entail not just cold, hard science, but also humanistic arts.

The great men of medicine knew that doctors who were compassionate and who spent time with their patients produced better outcomes than those who were simply focused on “facts.”

Since the time of Hippocrates, it was known that God had placed within man the ability to heal. Benjamin Franklin expressed this best when he said “God heals and the doctor takes the fee.” . . .

Yet it is the chronic conditions . . .  that have been most resistant to traditional treatments and have benefited the most from alternative treatments.

Modern medicine treats cancer with powerful drug combinations that have little positive impact on the majority of cancers. However, these drugs do make many curable cancers incurable and often shorten lives. Likewise, doctors ignore recent scientific advances in nutrients and nutrient supplements that do suppress cancer development and growth.

Worse yet, modern medicine ignores scientific evidence that common food additives such as MSG, omega-6 oils, and aspartame dramatically promote cancer growth. Ironically, many cancer patients are even encouraged to include these cancer-promoters in their diet.

But why are these things happening? Mostly, it’s because third-party payers have gradually taken over the decision-making process and inserted themselves between patients and doctors. Insurance companies, in several important ways, are as bad for your health as the government. They both can be unresponsive to the people’s desires or even the facts.

In addition, doctors who show an independent spirit and work outside the mainstream are ostracized. Creativity is being crushed beneath a system that rewards obedience and punishes independent thought. As a result, doctors are dispirited and many are retiring early.

Blaylock Wellness Report, Myth # 1, Jan 2013: 6 medical myths that threaten your life

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Doctors must arise and re-assume the role of physician-clinician-in-charge.

Myths disappear when Patients are able to solely relate to their physician.

Health insurers, Hospitals, and Government must respond only to what the “Doctor Ordered.”

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