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Dec 17

Written by: Del Meyer
12/17/2019 2:57 AM 

November is when the north winds begin to blow and herald the coming of winter. This month is also a time of migration: gray whales swim south to the warm waters of Mexico; ducks, geese, cranes, and even monarch butterflies fly south to escape the ice and snow; and many people now fly south to Florida and Arizona to warm their weary bones. –Leonard and Thelma Spinrad as Revised by Miller & Brown

On November 1, 1788: The U. S. Continental Congress closed.

On November 1, 1864: The U. S. Post Office introduced the money order.

On November 1, 1870: The U. S. Weather Bureau made its first observations.

On November 1, 1913: Notre Dame beat Army 35 to 13 at West Point; popularized the forward pass; and brought team captain Knute Rockne to fame. Rockne was born in Voss, Norway on March 4, 1888 coming to America with his family at age 5, went to college, became a chemistry professor as well as assistant coach of the football team. He revolutionized American football and put it on the map, and became known as Notre Dame’s Gipper.

On November 1, 1952: The U.S. tested its first H-bomb at Eniwetok Island in the Pacific.

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