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One-Third Of Doctors Reject Medicaid

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 2:50 AM 

By John Goodman Filed under Medicaid

August 8, 2012

Health Affairs: Although 96 percent of physicians accepted new patients in 2011, rates varied by payment source: 31 percent of physicians were unwilling to accept any new Medicaid patients; 17 percent would not accept new Medicare patients; and 18 percent of physicians would not accept new privately insured patients. Physicians in smaller practices and those in metropolitan areas were less likely than others to accept new Medicaid patients. Remember: one-half of the newly insured under ObamaCare are going into Medicaid.

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Of the 32 million uninsured Americans expected to gain health coverage under the new law, as many as 20 million will be insured by Medicaid… [Yet] several studies have found that Medicaid beneficiaries fare less well than patients with private insurance — for example, that they tend to get cancer diagnoses at a later stage, and die earlier, than do privately insured patients, and that migraine sufferers insured by Medicaid get substandard treatment compared with the privately insured. – See more at:

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