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Red States Vs. Blue States

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 6:09 AM 

Red States and Blue States

During the second war era, the Democrats were looking like Red Commies and the Republicans like True Bloods. Time magazine didn’t like their fellow democrats labeled as Red sympathizers, so they started calling the Democrats the Blue party and the Republicans the Red Party. This then evolved into the Blue states and the Red states. But one’s true colors can’t hide forever. San Francisco’s former mayor and the California Assembly long time speaker, California’s most powerful politician, who could only lose by being “termed” out, states in his SF Chronicle column that both Democrats running for his old assembly seat are communists. And he explains the difference.

One is a communist only in certain situations.

Willie Brown on SF Politics

The most heated race in San Francisco is the one for WB old assembly seat between David Chin and David Campo. According to WB, both are supervisors, both are Democrats, both are Harvard Graduates, and both vote the same way. The only distinction that he sees between the two is that Campos is a straight up communist while Chin is a situational communist.

Are Democrats really calling themselves Communist?

HMO Stress Workshop for Office Managers

My office manager went to a recent HMO Stress Workshop. They were given a toolkit for dealing with difficult patients. They were advised to have four items in this tool kit:

1.      Bottle of Water (for breaking stress symptoms)

2.      Pen (for emotional boundary reminder)

3.      Rubber band (to give yourself a painful stimulus for mindfulness)

4.      Colored object (for “self” reminder)

I wouldn’t have believed such a sophisticated system of relieving stress if she had not brought back a copy of the slide.

I understand that HMOs are on their way out. I guess this was a final descent out the back door.


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