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Red vs Blue

Aug 4

Written by: Del Meyer
08/04/2020 1:18 AM 

Why are all the communists throughout the world call the Reds and the communist in America the Blue? Isn’t it about time we painted our communists also as Red? They have usurped the misnomer of being considered progressive, as in moving forward, when in fact they are the most regressive, as in moving backwards against the political establishment in our free country.

We were hoodwinked after the second war by the party in power which was frequently referred to as “commies.” It was at that time, as I recall, that the media reversed the colors and the naïve party of Lincoln didn’t understand thus subterfuge. As the “progressives” are rewriting history by destroying the icons of our heritage, can’t we also correct this perversion of our history also.

With candidates in the current election admitting their socialistic and communistic leanings, wouldn’t now be the appropriate time to return to the traditional colors:

Red for the commies – Blue for the freedom lovers.

Let’s return to Our Heritage     

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