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Talking at Luther’s Table

Oct 25

Written by: Del Meyer
10/25/2017 6:16 AM 

“In Luther’s household the day began at sunrise, and the principal meal of the day was eaten about ten o’clock in the morning. About five o’clock in the afternoon supper was served, and this meal was often shared by exiled clergymen, escaped nuns, government officials, visitors from abroad, and colleagues of Luther in the university who frequently stopped in, men like Philip Melanchthon, John Bugenhagen, and Justus Jonas. The relaxed atmosphere of the hospitable home was conducive to spirited conversation

Table Talks as presented in Volume 54 of the American Edition of Luther’s Works

Complaint of Dizziness and Ringing Ears

“Nobody believes me when I complain what great pain vertigo and the ringing and buzzing in my ears give me. I don’t dare read for an hour without interruption. I can’t pursue some thought to its manifest conclusion or think diligently about it. For at once the ringing is there and I’m forced to lie down.

“Itching purifies the body, which is also purified by defecation and sweating. Itching’s best suited to the health of the head. But I don’t want to find fault with my head. It has faithfully ventured into battle with me. It has deserved my best thanks.” (AE 54:189)

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