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Oct 4

Written by: Del Meyer
10/04/2020 10:39 PM 

Telemedicine appears to have afforded us a way to escape Government intrusion into our personal lives. Many barriers to cross state practices have been lifted. The requirement for a physical hands—on exam has been lifted for telemedicine practices. There have now also been inroads to an international practice. One organization allows full Anglosphere practice. This allows one to see patients from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. This may be the structure that will totally eliminate government medicine since anyone can access the site and register with a credit card. It is more convenient to see your doctor from your home, not having to travel to his office, not having to wait in her waiting room. And a BIG PLUS is you don’t have to wear a mask or be concerned about the corona virus.

Since we have closed our office and donated all our medical furniture and equipment to Missions in Mexico and in Africa, telemedicine has allowed us to re-establish a medical practice with our computer with video connections to the patient. This allows for a full medical history, a visual physical examination. Patient acquired vital signs. Laboratory requisitions and prescription service which is identical to the requisition and prescription service we had on our electronic medical records. There is no investment in setting up an office, a waiting room, examination rooms, staffing a business office since the visit is paid for by credit card prior to the visit. The medical record is typed into the computer just as we did with our EMR. No expensive office or staff is required and the liability insurance is included in the fee paid aforehand.

We have joined eDocTelemedicine and are now accepting patients from the entire USA. Access is at Welcome aboard to Freedom in Telemedicine care.

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 Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.

– Ronald Reagan

 Government is not the solution to our problems;
government is the problem.

– Ronald Reagan

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