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Aug 3

Written by: Del Meyer
08/03/2020 11:27 PM 

THE CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC has required medical responses that defied state licenses to practice medicine limited to the state. Attempts over many years to obtain additional state licenses has been fraught with resistance, delays, hassles, and duplicative costs. Teams of physicians, nurses, and other health care workers have been given the license to practice in areas of need. Large teams were seen in New York’s epidemic centers. This has opened the field of Telemedicine. It is estimated that up to 60 percent of medical practice is now on Telemedicine and is Interstate.

We have re-opened our practice doing virtual medical care from our office to any place in the United States. Appointments can be made at After payment of the virtual office call, we are able to see you and you can see us on your computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone. Medical Informatics has now become widespread. I was able to find my Telemedicine Glossary from my attending the European Medical Informatics conference in 2001 and the American Medical Informatics Assn  (AMIA) conference in SF in 2003.


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