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Apr 15

Written by: Del Meyer
04/15/2019 11:56 PM 

What is the effect of a workplace wellness program on health and economic outcomes?

Conclusions and Relevance:  Among employees of a large US warehouse retail company, a workplace wellness program resulted in significantly greater rates of some positive self-reported health behaviors among those exposed compared with employees who were not exposed, but there were no significant differences in clinical measures of health, health care spending and utilization, and employment outcomes after 18 months. Although limited by incomplete data on some outcomes, these findings may temper expectations about the financial return on investment that wellness programs can deliver in the short term.

Warehouse workers will always welcome any effort at diversion even though they don’t buy into it.  Wellness programs have seldom been successful. However, that does not dissuade administrators from continuing to develop new programs. Otherwise they may lose their own jobs.

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