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Jan 2

Written by: Del Meyer
01/02/2021 5:42 AM 

Akio Toyoda says converting entirely to EVs could cost hundreds of billions of dollars and make cars unaffordable for average people

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said Japan would run out of electricity if all cars were running on electricity and air pollution would worsen. In a country that obtains most of its electricity from burning coal and natural gas, the more EVs we get the worse carbon dioxide gets. As the leader in manufacturing of hybrids, gas/electric cars, it doesn’t enter the mass market for pure battery EVs. The hybrids can be refueled at traditional gas stations.

Mr Toyoda warns that Japan could never do what the US and UK are doing in implementing total EV vehicles by a certain year. He warns that there is too much hype over a totally electric car. This would cause the business model of the industry to collapse causing the loss of millions of jobs.

However, a subsequent report indicates that Japan is seriously thinking about a gasoline ban. But since Toyota already has a Hybrid and Hybrids are not yet destined to be banned,  It should not be disrupted to their business plan.

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