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The Impeachment of President Trump

Jun 21

Written by: Del Meyer
06/21/2019 1:38 PM 

The Radical Fringe on the Left cannot accept the incontrovertible fact that President Trump won the presidential elections in 2016. They can’t accept the findings of the two volume Mueller record of the inquiry; the numerous subpoenas that were served; the $millions spent on this inquiry; or that he is still our president sitting in the Oval Office of the White House. He continues to govern expertly, has reversed the economic decline of the United States and has stimulated employment throughout America. The Blacks have never done better with an unheard of near full employment. More Blacks and are a growing part of the recovery. They are now joining the liberation party that eliminated slavery and set them free to compete on an equal basis. Blacks are well represented on the TV shows with the “Today’s” Show and “Good Morning America” productions showing as many Blacks as Whites. The Blacks are well represented in News casting. They are well represented in business and many more are entering the executive suites. As Johnny Carson inferred in his late-night show, what do the oppressed do when they become successful? They join the Freedom and Liberty Party.

The biggest oppressors of the Blacks seem to be the radical liberal left because they are leaving their party which will jeopardize the left electing radicals to congress. If the major radical left liberals gain election, their programs will bankrupt the United States. The radical left liberals don’t understand economics. They think that there is no limit to their continuing “tax and spend” because they think the rich have more than enough money that can be taxed to pay for these exorbitant programs. As one patient told me the tax on the rich should be 100 percent. I asked, maybe it should be 200 percent? He replied, “Certainly, they can well afford that.” I didn’t go any further because it was obvious that he was a radical left liberal who didn’t understand money, or taxation, or costs of government programs.

In 1984, many people had the same idea of President Reagan’s incompetence. One liberal senator said before that election that years from now “we will wonder how Reagan ever got elected in the first place.” The 1984 election put that rumor to rest when Reagan won 49 states. When President Donald Trump wins the next election by a similar landslide, will that lay the current hostilities and anger to rest? Or will the radical left liberals continue to try to impeach him all the way back to 2016 and try to void two elections?

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