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May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 6:10 AM 


Hysterectomy by morcellator: A sophisticated meat grinder used to grind up the uterus and use the peritoneal cavity as the mixing bowl while aspirating the “uterine sausage” that the morcellator made.

Any second year medical student knows that would cause cancer to spread faster than any metastases by blood or lymph channels.

Tax the Web

Europe wants to tax the internet magnus companies but hasn’t figured out how. Germany & France, the world’s 4th and 5th largest economies, don’t have one successful web site.

Instead of taxing Silicon Valley out of existence, maybe they should learn the basics first.

Does Europe really want Silicon Valley to retreat in this war?

OK, since Europe has declared war on silicon valley, how about Google, Apple, Amazon & Facebook, abandoning Europe and let the Eurozone see how long their “Crib to Casket” economies last.

They would probably ask Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook to come back before Europe totally tanked.

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