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The Media fails to recognize Donald Trump

May 30

Written by: Del Meyer
05/30/2017 5:53 AM 

Jan 20, 2017 was the inauguration of Donald J Trump. The newspapers of the world high-lighted this as the top headline in large print. The Sacramento Bee chose not to.

Remaining true to its form, the BEE headlined the election morning to 1.3 million guns sold in California last Year. The second headline for the bottom half of the Front Page read: Perils of the Homeless land at City Hall’s steps. There was a small side bar stating in small letters: Inauguration live stream could be found on their website. The main editorial of the day focused on campaign funding with Russian involvement in our domestic elections by hacking our email and other items.

They emphasized a rule that campaigns can’t except foreign moneys. The campaign that accepted foreign moneys under the ruse as donations for speeches has the temerity to blame the Grand Ole Party for Russian hacking their website for secret information when they, themselves placed it on private non-secure servers at their own residence in New York. Shouldn’t that restriction also apply to paying for elections in a circuitous manner through speeches in countries that cannot benefit from the message of the speech but from our secret data? The USNEWS reports that $15.9 million of Mrs. Clinton $21.7 million in fees were from groups that have lobbied congress or the federal government.

However, Bill Clinton gave addresses over much of the Arabian world, not necessarily our friend, for as much as $750,000 per 50-60-minute speech. There is no evidence that the market value for political or other speeches reach that high. Weren’t 11 of the 12 Muslims that tried to destroy us on 9/11/01 Saudi’s? The Clintons then used their wealth to win the U S Elections. A nice subterfuge if you can get away with it. The Arabs were really interfering with domestic issues including elections. Does this make the Clintons guilty of foreign involvement?

Julius and Elsey Rosenberg were tried for espionage in 1951. They were found guilty of selling Top A-Bomb secrets to the Russians. Now this was in the primitive time of espionage. They had to physically give the Top-Secret items to the Russians. Then they had to receive the money physically. This formed the basis of many detective and espionage novels as the Traitors were doing these transfers with the FBI jumping on and off subways in hot pursuit.

Now comes the IT age (Information Technology). The Clintons didn’t have to do the same thing in such a primitive fashion. They gave political speeches over the Arab and Muslim world for unseemly amounts which could not be interpreted as fees for services rendered. These were fees for making top secret data available via IT. We’ll put this classified secret information on non-secure servers in the Clinton’s basement and the Muslims can just copy the Top-Secret information from the Clinton non-secure servers. This may take the conservatives a few years to understand this modern sale of top secret information while the Agnostic Unamerican IL-liberals win elections and continue to destroy our country. As the Russians told us in the Cold War that it doesn’t have to become a hot war. We can destroy your country from within. Obama even stated that if he could seek a third term, he was sure he could have won and continued his illegal rule. Isn’t this what Adolph Hitler did? He won his election with 46% of the German vote, even served a jail term, and then continued his policies towards absolute rule. Isn’t this what Obama was trying to do? If his competitor in 2008 and in 2016, who now become his surrogate, he could have done exactly what Putin did. Allow the election to proceed and then with Mrs. Clinton proceed to the Dictatorship.

There were no headlines for the greatest event covered by every country in the world. The Sacramento Bee just noted it on a sidebar. As if to say, we’re sorry to print this news but feel we best do it

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