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The NHS Will Diagnose the Coronavirus by the End of this month.

May 5

Written by: Del Meyer
05/05/2020 9:08 PM 

NHS coronavirus update bulletin for April 2, 2020 announced a range of new measures to protect the NHS and our country in the fight against the Coronavirus.

  1. We will test 100,000 people per day by the end of this month. (That would be by April 30)
  2. We have a new 5-point plan to improve our testing of coronavirus. (Bureaucratize for GKW)
  3. We are writing off NHS debt as part of a major financial reset for the NHS providers. (Is that an apple at the end of stick held in front of those doctors and nurses?) (Sticks never shorten) (That apple will never be reached)

What are the bureaucrats drinking or smoking as they must be shaking each other’s hand!

The National Health Service of the UK will really not start fighting the coronavirus for 30 days and hopefully will be able to test 100,000 people per day by then. To test 66,000,000 people at 100,000 per day will take 660 days which is about two years. By that time, the UK should be nomore.

Do the Doctors and Nurses in the UK really believe this?


In typical NIH or most government and socialized medical health care, the goal posts are in the next block. I recall at one of our Sacramento Dixie Land Jazz Festivals we met a couple from the UK. During the several years they came over, they missed one year because the husband had a heart attack. He spent a month at rest just as we did in America in the past. But at this time in the 1960s, we were reversing most of the acute heart attacks before the clot would destroy a portion of the heart muscle that was being fed by the coronary artery.

Our friend said that he had been scheduled for a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) six months later. It appeared that the NHS thought they were capable of doing these sophisticated procedures just like we do in America. The bureaucrats had no understanding of the mechanism of infarction, proceeding to myocardial muscle death in the first few days after a clot lodged in one of the coronaries. The NHS was dismissive of the heart doctors wanting to do the CABG immediately after the infarct. The bureaucrats couldn’t understand why the doctors wanted to do it so fast. They approved it, didn’t they? Even though they thought the delay was cost effective, it was really cost in-effective. Or cost destructive. The cost would be the same, but the benefits would be nil or even negative this late.

Shakespeare said in one of his plays, “First, let’s kill all the attorneys.” Too bad we don’t have Shakespeare around today. Would he then say, “First, let’s kill all the socialists before they kill us?”


We essentially evolved to a similar state with our HMO managed care system. Bureaucrats would have to approved nearly all procedures, but bureaucrats work by a time clock. They could not appreciate that diseases and catastrophic events didn’t follow a time clock. An HMO patient of mine developed an acute appendicitis. The surgeon felt that operation should be done immediately. However, it took three days to obtain the HMO approval. So we treated the likely appendiceal abscess and severe pain until the approval was given and the infected appendix with an abscess was removed. It was almost at the point of bursting which would caused a peritonitis, which is a serious complication of a ruptured appendiceal abscess.

People living under socialized medicine, or health care for all, or Medicare-for-All” really have no idea as to what appropriate health care is all about. And we have presidential candidates that think Cuba has good government health care? Would Bernie really go to Cuba to have his appendectomy? If he would, he would be dangerous in the White House.


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