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The personal, private, confidential locked diary has morphed

Jan 9

Written by: Del Meyer
01/09/2018 1:46 PM 

John came in for his regularly scheduled quarterly appointment. “I made a New Year’s Resolution to lose 10 pounds this year. I only have 15 more pounds to go.”

Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is taking a leave from Facebook to spend more time with his daughters. Like everyone who says they’re leaving Facebook, he’ll come back every hour to see how many likes his announcement got.” –Jimmy Fallon.

Our society has really deteriorated when we publish our personal diary information on the Web and our importance is only characterized by how many people LIKE us. 

Isn’t it rather ironic that one can make BILLIONS of DOLLARS with such an insanely stupid program?

An article in WIRED this month had an analysis of our presidential election. It appears that Mr. Trump out maneuvered Mrs. Clinton by Tweeting his personal message and his staff using Facebook more effectively even though the head of their search algorithm was for Mrs. Clinton.

The personal locked private confidential diary of high school girls of the last generation has morphed into a public display of their private confidential personal information on the Web for all to see.

I guess these girls think that their virtual world is as private as their locked diaries were. When observing the millennial world interrupting their communications with real people by their communications with virtual people on their smart phones, it’s beginning to seem that we’re producing a generation that will prioritize their virtual world which will eventually control them! Are we raising a generation of zombies?

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