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The Woman Who Could Be Our Next President

Aug 4

Written by: Del Meyer
08/04/2016 1:41 PM 

Harold Pease | Liberty Under Fire | August 4, 2016

No woman in America’s political history has had more scandals attributed to her than Hillary Rodham Clinton. WND TV lists the number at 22 and that was in May 2015. They follow her like fleas on a dog, often two or three simultaneously.

Right now, Hillary Clinton is dodging four: The death of four Democratic colleagues in Benghazi over whom she had protective responsibilities as Secretary of State; her use of a private home server as Secretary of State, passing classified intelligence messages abroad in violation of the Federal Records Act; the Clinton Foundation scandal of raising money by offering State Department favors to nations providing high dollar contributions to it; and, the most recent, the Democratic National Convention emails (presumably authorized by Hillary) designed to derail Bernie Sanders in his race for the presidency.

But these are only a few of many.

What is most amazing with respect to these scandals is that she always gets a pass even when the evidence seems bulletproof as, for example, in Whitewater in the 1990s and the FBI’s summary of her guilt in the email scandal.

Instead of jail time, as would be the case for you or I doing the same thing, Clinton is elevated to even higher positions of power. Today, her party and the establishment media is working vigorously to make her the nation’s first female president.

Returning to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Administration of the 1990s may give us our best measure for their return to power. After Bill’s election, he announced that America had gotten two for the price of one, indicating that Hillary would be a key advisor. Hillary has already announced that Bill will serve as her economic advisor should they return to the White House.

Absent from the political dialogue in this presidential election are the scandals so present the last time this couple served. Space only allows detail for Whitewater.  Although the intrigue was of a different issue, time and place it had all the drama of today’s Benghazi or the email scandal. There is death and everyone associated goes to jail except the Clinton’s.

The Clintons, while governor and first lady of Arkansas, joined with Jim and Susan McDougal to form the Whitewater Development Corporation. The four purchased 230 acres of undeveloped land on the White River, intending to create vacation home lots for retirees. It is alleged that Bill Clinton used his influence as governor to pressure David Hale to lend $300,000 to Susan McDougal in the land deal.

At the time, Jim McDougal was Gov. Clinton’s economic adviser and later created his own bank, the Madison Guaranty, to fund the project, hiring attorney Hillary Clinton of the Rose Law Firm to make everything legal.

The four equal partners were intricately connected. The scheme collapsed in 1989. Ultimately, 15 people associated with this fraudulent land deal, which ended costing many retirees their life savings and the taxpayers some $73 million, went to jail. Everyone except the Clintons. Even Jim Guy Tucker, the governor succeeding Bill, served time, so extensive did Whitewater become.

By the time everything came to a head, the Clintons were in the White House and had legions of defenders and records were strangely hidden or misplaced.

Independent Counsel Robert Fiske ordered the Clintons to surrender documents relating to the corrupt Madison Guaranty. The Clintons reported them as missing.  But, two years later, they mysteriously reappeared, found on the desk of Hillary’s personal secretary.

By this time, much of the heat was off and the story was largely undermined by a sympathetic Clinton press. Besides, the special prosecutor for Whitewater, Robert Fiske, was chosen by President Clinton to be his new attorney general.

Kenneth Starr continued the Whitewater investigation, but leading witnesses Susan McDougal, Jim Guy Tucker and Clinton’s former AG Webster Hubbell, a Rose Law Firm friend of Hillary Clinton, refused to cooperate as key witnesses against the Clintons, with the latter pleading the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination.

President Bill Clinton later pardoned Susan McDougal and Jim Guy Tucker. The story later faded away, replaced largely by the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

The mysterious death of the Clinton Deputy White House counsel, Vince Foster, added much intrigue to the story. He had been the special friend of Hillary and a Rose Law Firm associate, and was charged with defending the Clintons on Whitewater charges. He was murdered or committed suicide, at Fort Marcy Park, Virginia.

But Whitewater is only one of a good number of scandals in which Hillary is a leading participant. Perhaps another column will be necessary outlining her involvement in File Gate, Cattle Futures Gate, Travel Gate, and half dozen more.

She and her devoted followers would say that it is just the “vast right conspiracy,” but there are far too many of these to feel comfortable with that explanation.

Dr. Harold Pease is a syndicated columnist and an expert on the United States Constitution who lives in Cedar City. He has dedicated his career to studying the writings of the Founding Fathers and applying his knowledge to current events. He has taught history and political science for more than 25 years at Taft College in California. On the web:

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