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Time to terminate prenatal killing

Oct 14

Written by: Del Meyer
10/14/2018 1:40 PM 

When I went into practice, I observed a busy OBG service. Looking over the operating schedule was not part of my routine. I did note that there were a number of D & C’s scheduled for intermenstrual bleeding. I subsequently realized that my initial practice hospital was in an abortion mill. It occurred in one of the seven wards in this hospital which was remote from the medical services. I seldom received a referral for a medical complication from this unit.

This was 1970, a few years prior to Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade did not change the practice of abortion or prenatal killing. The abortionists claims of back alley wire hanger abortions was not seen. There was never a woman brought in with sepsis from such a back-alley event. If Roe v Wade had not occurred, we would have been a more civil society with less divisiveness. Each state would then have worked with their own moral turpitude rather than the all or nothing that we have had since. It may have ameliorated the current character assassination which we have witness this past week of a truly honorable and brilliant legal mind.

Christine Blasey, PhD, was never asked what her response would be if the Supreme court reversed Roe v Wade without Judge Kavanaugh present and would her response be different with the same verdict were given with Judge Kavanaugh on the bench. That would have isolated and emphasized the real issue and a character assassination would not have been necessary.

The feminist will go to any lengths to prevent Roe v Wade from being reconsidered. How women become pregnant is no mystery. Prevention is very easy and secure. The need for indiscriminate sexual activity is supported since killing an unwanted fetus is always an option. However, this prenatal killing was available prior to Roe v Wade and will be available should it be reconsidered. There is no reason for the feminist hysteria which seems to lie just below the surface so frequently.

By bringing this issue to the surface by identifying it, this may be a small step for a possible return to adult discussions, dialogues, and debates of any issue of importance.

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