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Why Don’t We Understand Privacy?

Feb 19

Written by: Del Meyer
02/19/2019 8:22 AM 

     Sam Schechner reported in the WSJ that many Apps were sending detailed private information to Facebook. The next day, one App stopped sending data to Facebook and then four more the following day. The WSJ had determined that they had found 11 popular Apps were using software that Facebook provides to the app developers to send the social network intimate information.

That’s why I don’t down load any APPS.

I purchased a Palm Pilot some twenty years ago. It was one of the first cell phones with PDA (personal digital assistant). It accepted script entries and served as a very important PDA. The Palm went through a number of iterations. The last revision and upgrade were the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. I acquired the Palm Pre about 2010 at the AT&T store. They were no longer a competing product to the newer smart phones. AT&T gave me one along with the charger and accessories at no cost on a “trade in.” But they were not interested in keeping my Palm Pilot. This was not only a mobile phone with a keyboard and PDA, but also had email, web OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PDF file, camera, Photo file, video file, music file, MP3 program, App catalog, clock, date & time program, location service, sounds & ringtones, task & memo programs, YouTube, Google Maps, & Y-mobile to locate your favorite restaurants and stores. When the smart phones gained market share, my small Palm Pre, the size of a credit card and could be easily carried in my pocket or belt seemed to have most of the capabilities of the much larger smart phones. I never saw the need to upgrade further for more than a decade. When the ads arrived on December 31, that a new Palm was being marketed by Verizon, I took a look. However, the new Verizon Palm was just an assistant to their large smart phone and thus not a complete system. My Palm Pre was superior to the new Palm. So, I was directed to the I-Phone X-R which was half price and the price would end on this date, Dec 31, 2018. And they threw in an I-Pad both with IOS 12, which was also at half price. So, I finally bit the dust and purchased something I never thought I would buy. I have been thoroughly annoyed by people who constantly look at their smart phones.

My wife’s Apple computer and my I-pad could not be upgraded to IOS 10, this was an unusual opportunity I couldn’t resist. When I got home, I noted that my I-pad and I-pod programs were already in my I-Phone and old I-pad. All Apple products are uniquely synchronized automatically.

I am still carrying my Palm in my pocket since it contains my phone and address book. It will take a long time to enter all the data from the Palm to the I-phone since they are totally different operating systems. But then the same data will be available on all four Apple devices in our home and office.

Steve Jobs was truly a genius. It appears that Tim Cook has been his equal.

However, I now seem to be bombarded to down load APPS. So far, I have been able to totally resist the urge.

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