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Medicare-for-all will give everybody healthcare “Medicare-for-all will give everyone healthcare” is a total illusion.

Posted on February 24, 2020 7:59 pm By Del Meyer in Medical Myths

“Medicare-for-all will give everyone healthcare” is a total illusion. Socialized medicine is the prevalent form of healthcare in the majority of countries throughout the world. In no country has it given as full a coverage as the United States. Mandates are the opposite of freedom and they never succeed. Where they fail is not apparent […]

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Addicted To Fast Food and Sodas and Entitlements America is addicted By Dr. Keith Ablow Published November 27, 2015 |

Posted on February 24, 2020 7:55 pm By Del Meyer in Medical Gluttony

A new study, called “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012” predicts that at least half of Americans in 39 states will be obese—about 30 pounds overweight—by 2030. This will fuel millions more cases of diabetes, heart disease and stroke and could bring our already overburdened health care system to its knees. […]

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Appeals Court Rejects Trump Medicaid Work Requirements

Posted on February 24, 2020 7:51 pm By Del Meyer in Government Healthcare, Medicare Review

Arkansas implemented a work requirement for their Medicaid recipients. Kentucky soon followed. A democratic governor elected reversed the state requirement and Kentucky was eliminated from the lawsuit. The ruling, written by a Reagan appointee, said the administration failed to show how such rules would help Medicaid to meet its mission of covering the poor. Seema […]

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China Selling Organs of Religious Groups without permission Liberty Articles | By Harold Pease, Ph. D | Jan 6, 2020

Posted on February 24, 2020 7:43 pm By Del Meyer in International Medicine

Four years ago Newsweek reported in a powerful article “CHINA FORCES ITS POLITICAL PRISONERS TO SELL BODY PARTS,” but little has been printed in American news outlets since. So what did they report and can it still be confirmed? They reported, “Dozens of highly respected investigators, scholars and government officials around the world claim the […]

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The Impeachment Harassment Continues Impeachment is Built on a Trap That Obama Created for Romney A weapon against a Romney administration gets used against Trump.

Posted on February 24, 2020 7:32 pm By Del Meyer in In The News

by Daniel Greenfield 155 | Mon Oct 7, 2019 Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. The Whistleblower Protection Act was put into place for the stated purpose of fighting waste and mismanagement in the civil service. It’s […]

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The Politicization Of Science The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science

Posted on February 24, 2020 7:26 pm By Del Meyer in Feature Article

Causes, Consequences, and the Road to Reform David Randall  Christopher Welser Preface by Peter Wood The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has long been interested in the politicization of science. We have also long been interested in the search for truth—but mainly as it pertains to the humanities and social sciences. The irreproducibility crisis brings […]

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