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May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 5:01 AM 

Dr. Rosen: A Retired Air Force Col told me in my private office the real story of Benghazi.

Dr. Edwards: The Benghazi story has really been hitting the news recently.

Dr. Milton: I wonder why this sudden interest is surfacing again. Read more . . .

Dr. Ruth: Aren’t they going after our Secretary of State?

Dr. Edwards: Going after? Or just trying to get at the truth as to whether she was derelict in her duties. This would give us some indication whether she was fit for higher office.

Dr. Rosen: Did you know that the White House has a Diarist?

Dr. Yancy: Is this a replay of the Nixon tapes? He wanted every word recorded to make the most complete and authentic record of a presidency ever?

Dr. Michelle: Those tapes did leave the Nixon White House and Nixon left the Office of the Presidency. But these records of the Obama White House would never leave the White House. How could they?

Dr. Edwards: There was a reporter who stated that someone had acquired a copy of the Diary. The President allegedly was in the Situation room on September 11, 2012, when there was a call about 10 PM. It was reported as being to or from the Secretary of State while our Diplomat in Libya was being sodomized by the attacking Muslims.

Dr. Rosen: Although we had jet aircraft on alert within one hour of Benghazi, the President and Secretary of State felt this assault on our Ambassador was retaliation for the anti-Muslim film that was shown that the Muslims felt was offensive.

Dr. Edwards: The Secretary of State felt this was an expected reaction to the film and it was probably best to low key this as she signed off and the president left for a political engagement.

Dr. Dave: Didn’t they realize that this was on the Anniversary of 9-11-01? Shouldn’t that have set off an alert like other anniversaries of 9-11-01 did?

Dr. Kaleb: Isn’t it criminal on the President’s part not to protect an official representative of his government?

Dr. Dave: Well, isn’t it criminal on the part of our Secretary of State to brush this off as our being offensive to Muslims and their response was appropriate?

Dr. Michelle: How can gang sodomizing ever be appropriate?

Dr. Edwards: After being in the situation room monitoring our international Ambassador being sequentially and repeatedly sodomized by the 50 or so Muslim intruders, could the President be so cold and non-caring that he could leave the situation room for an election debate?

Dr. Rosen: My ranking retired military officer stated that an estimated 50 Muslims sodomized Mr. Christopher repeatedly until he was near dead and then shot him so he wouldn’t suffer any more.

Dr. Ruth: I can’t even think they were that sensitive to his condition or show any compassion to his suffering.

Dr. Michelle: I can’t even think that our Secretary of State would be so insensitive to such cruelty. How could anyone ever think of voting for this incompetent inhumane woman for President?

Dr. Rosen: Don’t you think she feels so aloof from the average citizen that she feels she can masquerade herself as sensitive, caring person fit for public office?

Dr. Michelle: She’s not running for New York Senator, but for the Presidency of the United States of America. Doesn’t that require a higher ethical standard?

Dr. Rosen: I would certainly hope so.

Dr. Dave: And if she won, wouldn’t that tell the world we’re no better than the Muslim attackers and anal rapists?

Dr. Rosen: What is this country sinking to?

Dr. Edwards: When did criminal behavior in the civilized world become acceptable behavior?

Dr. Rosen: Maybe the world is getting less civilized.

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