Overheard in the Medical Staff Lounge

By Del Meyer on 01/05/2021 1:48 AM

Dr. Rosen:       We seem to have two information systems in our country. The left leaning press tells us the election was essentially without fraud. The right leaning press continues to have reports of abuse. Is there a way to determine which is more valid? When the Epoch Times records 21,000 dead people voted, something seems […]

By Del Meyer on 01/04/2021 4:10 AM

Dr. Rosen:       The elections are over and there still seems to be considerable debate and questions.There was such a strong anti-Trump sentiment at this late state of his administration. Dr. Edwards:   There seems to be significant concern that there were 74 million voters in favor of  President Trump. Why did he have such a large […]

By Del Meyer on 01/02/2021 5:34 AM

Dr. Rosen:       I‘m reviewing Marjorie Dannenfelser’s book on Life is Winning. This is by the Founding President of the Susan B. Anthony List in the late 1990s. However, the book was written this year. With three new Pro-life supreme court justices, all roads seem to lead to a reassessment of Roe v Wade. Now with […]

By Del Meyer on 12/22/2020 1:21 AM

FDA approves hydroxychloroquine as a new drug application to address COVID-19 related shortage despite prior FDA approval in 1955 Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are being tested in an international trial launched by WHO to find potential therapies for the disease. However, widely reported comments from President Donald Trump championing its use as a treatment for COVID-19, […]

By Del Meyer on 08/18/2020 10:29 PM

Dr. Rosen:       We have had flu epidemics that resulted in millions of deaths. We have always dealt with them in the usual fashion of avoiding the sick and taking the usual precautions. Why the big falderal for this Corona Virus? Dr. Edwards:   I think it was mostly due to politicians trying to play public health […]

By Del Meyer on 08/04/2020 12:55 AM

Submissions to the press at the beginning of the corona virus epidemic included this message: Businesses such as restaurants, bars, salons, barbershops or any that preclude the wearing of a face mask covering the nose and mouth should remain closed for the duration of the epidemic. Businesses that remain open during the coronavirus epidemic, should […]

By Del Meyer on 06/19/2020 12:59 AM

Dr. Rosen:       Why is the Pandemic Covid –19, which allegedly originated in Wuhan, China becoming even more severe in the United States than in China? Our first case was on Jan 20.2020. We are now in our fourth month and still having new cases daily. What went wrong? Dr. Edwards:   For one, the media was […]

By Del Meyer on 05/05/2020 11:20 PM

Dr. Rosen:       Is anyone here concerned about the lack of the usual isolation protocol for the Corona-Virus. I would hesitate to go into any store or pharmacy without a mask and rubber gloves because so many shoppers could be infected and appear healthy for a week before they become sick. Dr. Edwards:   Certainly, the very […]

By Del Meyer on 03/30/2020 12:46 AM

Dr. Rosen:       We have heard for a long time from the media that the cost of health car is beyond what the average American can afford. But what if we divide the cost into basic ambulatory health care and the cost of hospital care. Dr. Edwards:   I understand the health insurance companies make a bundle […]

By Del Meyer on 03/23/2020 8:17 PM

Dr. Rosen:       Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, did not discover a treatment or a cure, just did what he does best: crunched the numbers. The statistics led him to the conclusion that, contrary to the grim forecasts being branded about, the spread of the virus will come to a halt. His forecasts turned out to be […]