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By Del Meyer on 06/30/2018 1:27 AM

Mitochondria are the chief energy generators within the cell with diverse functions. Cellular function has come a long way just during my 45 years of Medical and Pulmonary practice. At that time, we were studying and reviewing cells, cytoplasm, nuclei, nucleoli and just beginning with early information on DNA. The ATS was preparing for this […]

By Del Meyer on 05/30/2018 12:29 AM

By Melissa Bailey and JoNel Aleccia Former first lady Barbara Bush died Tuesday night [April 17, 2018] at her home in Houston at age 92. Days before her death, the announcement that she was seeking “comfort care” shone a light — and stirred debate — on what it means to stop trying to fight terminal illness. […]

By Del Meyer on 04/10/2018 1:42 AM

TABLE OF CONTENTS Handbook for Total Body Re-Conditioning Foreword:      The Diet—Weight—Loss Challenge *A Different Emphasis Preface:          The Diet—Weight—Loss Conundrum *Why is there a Weight Problem? Introduction: The Weight—Loss—Exercise—Dilemma *Why both are necessary? *Why this handbook is your answer for total body reconditioning?

By Del Meyer on 03/09/2018 2:21 PM

Speech on Guns by Virginia Senate Candidate Causes Democrat Walk-Out, Goes Massively Viral March 4, 2018 by Cassandra Fairbanks A Speech by Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, the liberty-minded conservative who is challenging Senator Tim Kaine, discussing the importance of the Second Amendment has been viewed over five million times in the past 24 hours. Friday’s […]

By Del Meyer on 02/09/2018 1:54 PM

As Some Got Free Health Care, Gwen Got Squeezed: An Obamacare Dilemma By ABBY GOODNOUGH | FEB. 19, 2018 Gwen Hurd got the letter just before her shift at the outlet mall. Her health insurance company informed her that coverage for her family of three, purchased through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, would cost almost […]

By Del Meyer on 01/09/2018 1:29 PM

The Oldest Rhetorical Trick in the Book According to H.L. Mencken. by Donald J. Boudreaux In his brilliant 1956 collection, Minority Report, H.L. Mencken stated: If you were against the New Deal and its wholesale buying of pauper votes, then you were against Christian charity.  If you were against the gross injustices and dishonesties of the […]

By Del Meyer on 12/09/2017 1:05 PM

Safe Spaces Are an Answer to the Ever-More-Hostile Internet If Facebook, YouTube and Twitter won’t police online content, there are new services and apps to do it By Christopher Mims | WSJ | Dec. 3, 2017 America is finally waking up to the fact that the internet is an increasingly hostile and unsafe place to do […]

By Del Meyer on 11/09/2017 12:41 PM

Deal seeks to create an integrated system, but without the key cost gatekeepers The companies said the merged CVS’s stores will offer wellness services, as well as vision, hearing, nutrition and medical equipment. By Anna Wilde Mathews and Sharon Terlep The Wall Street Journal | December 4, 2017 CVS Health Corp. and Aetna Inc. are […]

By Del Meyer on 10/25/2017 5:32 AM

October 31, 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. A lone monk’s actions 500 years ago continue to have a great impact. Hear from some of the world’s greatest scholars on Martin Luther and the significance of the Reformation for our modern world in “500: The Impact of the Reformation Today,” a documentary that […]

By Del Meyer on 09/09/2017 12:14 PM

INORMATION AWARENESS: THIS IS IMPORTANT: As an additional caveat, if you have a transgender patient and fail to “address” them by their designated personal pronoun, you will be REPORTED to your department head. You will be REQUIRED to take “sensitivity” training, which YOU yourself will have to pay for.