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By Del Meyer on 08/18/2020 10:09 PM

THE JUSTICE FOUNDATION’S CENTER AGAINST FORCED ABORTION AND THE MORAL OUTCRY PETITION How Does The Justice Foundation’s Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA) Save Lives? As The Justice Foundation has collected over 4,000 testimonies of women hurt by abortion, we have learned that a large proportion of abortions in America are illegally forced, coerced or unduly […]

By Del Meyer on 08/04/2020 12:19 AM

So what shall we name the Washington football team? Something to strike terror in the hearts of opponents?   Greg Scandlen I thought Washington Bureaucrats, or maybe Washington Lobbyists, or Washington Tax Collectors   Greg Scandlen Then Nancy Scandlen came up with Washington Swamp!   Frank Webster DC Losers   Joshua David I’m glad they’re […]

By Del Meyer on 06/19/2020 12:35 AM

As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects. By Kate Shellnutt | May 28, 2020 George Floyd Protests Mark a Turning Point for Minneapolis Evangelicals Daniel Silliman | CT | June 2, 2020 The rest of the country knows George Floyd from several minutes of cell […]

By Del Meyer on 05/05/2020 8:56 PM

WHO guidelines for sex education recommend that children aged 0-4 be taught about “masturbation” and “gender identity.” The World Health Organization’s ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A framework for policymakers, educational and health authorities and specialists’, advises children be taught about sexually pleasuring themselves and transgenderism before they’ve even fully learned to talk. The […]

By Del Meyer on 03/30/2020 12:29 AM

Corona Is Slowing Down, Humanity Will Survive, Says Biophysicist Michael Levitt Nobel laureate and Stanford professor Michael Levitt unexpectedly became a reassuring figure in China at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Now he assures Israelis: statistics show the virus is on a downturn Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, an American-British-Israeli biophysicist who teaches structural biology […]

By Del Meyer on 03/23/2020 7:58 PM

The McClatchy Co. — a publisher of newspapers in 30 markets including Sacramento, Kansas City and Miami — is declaring bankruptcy, citing heavy debt and pension obligations. Fifteen years ago, McClatchy stock was worth about $700 a share. Now it’s trading at 75 cents at the time of bankruptcy filing. Its acquisition of Knight Ridder loaded it with […]

By Del Meyer on 02/24/2020 7:32 PM

by Daniel Greenfield 155 | Mon Oct 7, 2019 Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. The Whistleblower Protection Act was put into place for the stated purpose of fighting waste and mismanagement in the civil service. It’s […]

By Del Meyer on 01/29/2020 9:00 PM

           American Academy of Actuaries An address by George Ross Fisher, MD, to the Actuarial Society of New York, was featured in one of our annual medical conferences. His opening statement was that employers should move out of the health insurance business completely, as gracefully and as quickly as they can. His reasoning was medical, […]

By Del Meyer on 01/01/2020 9:47 PM

The Supreme Court has upheld a Kentucky law allowing women a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn baby before having an abortion. Ultrasounds are generally done before abortionist to determine the age of the baby prior to the abortion, but abortion clinics normally don’t let women see their baby because they may change […]

By Del Meyer on 12/17/2019 2:12 AM

The very idea of Government negotiating or establishing drug price is not only illegal, but reflects a total lack of understanding of the medical marketplace. Price controls have not worked in the past and cannot work in the future. The fiasco of Medicare Part D implemented during the Republican administration of President George W. Bush […]