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Involuntary abortion is illegal in every state

Aug 18

Written by: Del Meyer
08/18/2020 10:09 PM 


How Does The Justice Foundation’s Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA) Save Lives?

As The Justice Foundation has collected over 4,000 testimonies of women hurt by abortion, we have learned that a large proportion of abortions in America are illegally forced, coerced or unduly pressured abortions. Voluntary abortion is legal under Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, but involuntary abortion is illegal in every state.

How Do You Stop A Forced Abortion?

This is a huge problem in America, but no one was organized to stop it. Over the years we began to experiment – how do we stop these forced abortions? Little by little, case by case, based on experience and legal analysis, we have developed, by God’s grace, what crisis pregnancy centers across America say is an incredible set of legal tools which can stop 95% of forced abortions, saving an estimated 1,000-2,000 babies a year. Now you can use them or share them for free!

Daria from Florida:

“I’ve been blessed to be able to use these tools and several babies have been saved as a result.  Recently a fifteen years old high school student was being forced to have an abortion by her father.  I sent the “Dear Parent” letter with her to give to her father.  After reading the “Dear Parent” letter, he said “I guess I can’t make you legally abort.”  She had her baby, graduated from high school and her father is now a proud grandpa, and loves his grandson.

Another client came into the center and told us that she had already been forced by her parents to have one abortion and she was pregnant again and afraid that the same thing would happen.  She signed the abortionist letter and we faxed it to all the facilities in the area.  When they took her to have the abortion the abortionist refused to do the procedure since they had her signature saying that it was against her will.  She went on to have the baby.

 Nancy in Pennsylvania:

I was so grateful to The Justice Foundation for giving me the tools to help this client.  The teen age girl was being forced to have an abortion and she ran away from home.  The police got involved and they were given a copy of the “Dear Parent” letter.  They helped explain to the parents that they could not force their daughter to have an abortion.  The girl is now living with her boyfriend and his parents who are supportive and they are expecting their baby in a few weeks.”

 A True Story

Approximately five weeks ago, we saw some of the highs and lows. I was working with a 17 yr. old young man and a 15 yr. old young woman who had gotten pregnant. They both wanted to keep the baby, but her mother was forcing her to have an abortion. We gave them the Dear Parent letter and her boyfriend was with her when they gave her mom the letter. The young man actually called a policeman to be present when her mom was given the Dear Parent letter. Click here to read the Dear Parent Letter.

 Usually, the letter alone is enough to stop the forced abortion attempt. It has saved many, many babies. Thousands over the years.

Additional Blessing of Salvation   

 I had earlier asked the young man if he thought having sex outside of marriage was a sin. You see we usually inform those who need our help that we are Christians and ask if they are. They do not have to be Christians to receive our services. In fact, it is because we are Christians that we give our services for free. Our donors give voluntary donations to allow us to help at no charge.

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