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Greg Scandlen

Aug 4

Written by: Del Meyer
08/04/2020 12:19 AM 

So what shall we name the Washington football team? Something to strike terror in the hearts of opponents?

  Greg Scandlen

I thought Washington Bureaucrats, or maybe Washington Lobbyists, or Washington Tax Collectors

  Greg Scandlen

Then Nancy Scandlen

came up with Washington Swamp!

  Frank Webster

DC Losers

  Joshua David

I’m glad they’re finally changing. Washington anything offends me  · 

  Greg Shaffer

The Washington Globalists..!!

  Stephen C. Brubaker

The Washington Wimps

  Marianne Gson

Washington losers

  David Allen Ridenour


   Kathryn Serkes

The Political Panderers

  Charles D Frohman

The Bullets.

  Tim Shatzer

How about the Washington Pelosi’s.

  Jay Huse

The Washington Woke

  Dwight Weidman

The Chickens

  Erich Hawbaker

Leave it alone.

  Travis S. Middleton

Rumor is they are signing kaperchunk!

  Luis Abelardo Perez

The Pussycats

  David C. Moyer

Sharpton Baiters · 

  Terree Parlett Summer

Washington Wussies

  Joe Herring

The Washington Foreskins

  Raven Roulette


  Dennis Johnson

Rojo Prophylactic  

  Dave Racer

Politicians. …

  David C. Moyer

Sharpton Baiters · 

  Fern McCloud

Swamp Rats

  James Taylor

 The Washington Deep state? · 

  Travis S. Middleton

The Collapse

  Norman Singleton



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