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Doesn’t a Government Shut-Down save money?

Jan 9

Written by: Del Meyer
01/09/2018 1:38 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      Here we’re having another government shut-down. Doesn’t that save us a lot of money?

Dr. Edwards:  It all depends on how serious the politicians are?

Dr. Milton:      The last shutdown by Newt Gingrich was a disaster. He caved before it was effective.

Dr. Ruth:        How’s that?

Dr. Milton:      He lost his fortitude before one paycheck was missed. So, no federal employees felt anything. No pain whatsoever.  

Dr. Ruth:        So really no one felt any loss. Did the federal government meet their payroll on time?

Dr. Edwards:  Actually, the federal workers essentially received an extra week of vacation with pay. And I don’t think anyone returned to thank Mr. Gingrich for the free money that the shut-down gave them.

Dr. Rosen:      Since he couldn’t complete his good intentions, I have not supported Gingrich and have voted against him on every occasion possible.

Dr. Michelle:   Why did Newt chicken out? Seems like we would have saved a lot of federal money by keeping millions of government workers at bay.          

Dr. Milton:      It’s hard to figure out how much our government costs us since Obama took us for $trillions. When our private tax sites quote the deficit, there is so much variance over time.

Dr. Edwards:  Let’s say the federal government costs us a trillion dollars a year or about three billion per day, wouldn’t a hundred-day shut-down save the US taxpayers $300 billion?

Dr. Michelle:   That’s what I was referring to when Newt caved. If he had stayed his ground for 100 days, wouldn’t we have saved $300 billion?

Dr. Edwards:  And if all those federal workers would have lost 3 months income, maybe that would have brought their wages down to the same level as private workers.

Dr. Milton:      And maybe a few hundred thousand workers would have left and sought real jobs.

Dr. Edwards:  And that would have been a continual saving of tax money.

Dr. Rosen:      I think part of what concerns me is that our congress reminds me of the Communist 5- and 10-year plans. None of them were valid. Government cannot predict. And our Congress is equally bad at it. So, there is a current year deficit and a long-term deficit. So, at times we hear about a 2- or 3-trillion one-year deficit mixed with a $17-, $20-trillion 10-year deficit. That is confusing to voters.

Dr. Yancy:      I’ve seen rank and file workers having difficulty seeing the difference between millionaires and billionaires, so a trillion is beyond their understanding.

Dr. Sam:         So, they are basically hoodwinking our entire nation.

Dr. Dave:        You got that right. They are actually criminals.

Dr. Sam:         And criminals don’t consider lying and deceit as being wrong.

Dr. Joseph, Ret:  I long for the day when we can trust our elected leaders. I’m afraid that will never happen again.

Dr. Yancy:      Law makers can make any crime legal.

Dr. Dave:        And what should be legal is frequently considered criminal.

Dr. Rosen:      Joseph, I wouldn’t make it quite so bleak. There are good organizations on the horizon working very hard to make our country constitutional again. I can think of Hillsdale College online for constitutional courses that are free. Make sure you take them.

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