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From the archives on our first Christmas in 2002, Is There an Advantage to Competition in the Practice of Religion?

Jan 1

Written by: Del Meyer
01/01/2020 9:35 PM 

On this eve of Christmas, we pause to reflect on why people of every religious and ethnic group want to enjoy the freedoms of our country. Perhaps the radical son, David Horowitz said it well when he stated in a medical conference that at no time in history have his Jewish people enjoyed such freedom as they have in a Christian country as ours. He also said it really didn’t fully materialize until there were Protestants competing with Catholics for the hearts and souls of mankind. I have many Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Buddhist friends who want their families to come to the USA where they can enjoy religious and economic liberties unavailable to them in their own country. It is Christmas that has given us the greatest religious tolerance and freedom the world has ever experienced. So on this Christmas eve, may we wish each and every one of you a Joyous Twelve Days of the Christmas season and a Happy New Year with your families and loved ones.

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